Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The Beautiful Moon Poem

This 'The Beautiful Moon' Poem is beautiful. This poem refers to the moon as 'she' and talks about her loneliness but still about her ability to lock up her emotions and guiding those who are in need of light to show them the way. I hope everyone enjoys this poem the way I did!

The Beautiful Moon Poem

 - By Unknown

How beautiful is the moon,
Glowing bright in the night skies.
Hiding herself during noon,
So you'll never know if she cries.

Alone she sits in the sky,
Guiding those who need the light.
Warming the hearts of those who cry,
But always keeping herself locked up tight.

Though surrounded by many stars,
In solitude she rather be.
A consequence produced by scars,
Shh... Can you hear her silent plea?

Away from people, away from pain,
She hides herself, in plain sight.
I've told you once and I'll tell you again,
The story of a beautiful moon
Whose light glows brightest at night.
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