Monday, May 29, 2017

Importance of Obedience in Children

One of the most important keystone of our society is obedience. Obedience is essential for a child's individual as well as social life. Without obedience, there would be void and what would exist is turbulence, disorderliness and rebellion. Obedience is essential for the betterment of human society. It is not only necessary for an individual's private as well as social life but comes handy in all dimensions of life.

Obedience in Children

A child must obey his parents. A student must obey his teacher. A disobedient child shows signs of being spoilt. On the contrary child who obeys may actually shine bright in his future. In the similar manner, obeying teachers portray respect for them. A student exhibits good behavior as well as manners.

To Obey or not to Obey

Obedience is fundamental essentials of life. But it can be damaging when it causes physical or mental distress. One needs to understand the perfect balance between obedience and submission. One should obey only if he believes in it, not because he is expected to. An obedient child should also know when, where and whom to obey. For this a child should understand what is right and what is wrong. When a child is unable to make such a difference then he is submissive to bullying. Blind obedience is bad. When disobedience makes you feel oppressive then it's time you question yourself - are you doing the right thing? Blindly following rules which one is forced to follow is not being obedient. Letting autocrats and dictators bully you is not obedience.

Role of Parent and Teacher in Teaching a Child being Obedient

It is the duty of a parent or the teacher to explain the child the importance of obedience and the right way to do so. A child should be taught to understand the difference between what is right and what is wrong, whom to obey and whom to disobey. Obedience in the correct sense may take a child to great heights, help to excel in studies and indeed lead him to a brilliant future ahead!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Disadvantages of Summer Camp

Summer Camp are meant to be an instrument of fun, frolic and education for kids. At least that is the idea, for which we send our kids to summer camp. But it's not necessary that summer camp agrees with every kids that participate in them. A summer camp can have it's own benefits as well as drawbacks. What you thought would be a fun experience for your kid may turn out to be an unpleasant episode or even a nightmare for your child.

Disadvantage of Summer Camp for Kids

1. A summer camp if not organized well can often be an uncomfortable experience. There could be certain issues such as uncomfortable sleeping arrangements, lack of hygiene, unavailability of basic requirements such as food and drinking water, lack of proper ventilation etc. This can really be an unbearable experience for kids, who would want it to come to an end and may never enjoy their summer camps.

2. The organisers of summer camps already plan ahead day to day activities for kids. If your child is not use to physical exertion he or she may feel exhausted throughout the day if no breaks are provided. It is the duty of an organiser to ensure that kids get enough rest so that they enjoy their summer camp by not making it too hectic for them.

3. A child can injure himself during various adventurous activities. It is hence important that safety precautions are taken care of by the organisers.

4. Summer camp is a place where a child meets new friends. Now this is really important for a child's development. But if a child has no knowledge of what is good influence and what is bad influence then there is a possibility that your child may expose himself to bad company or involve in activities which can be harmful for him. When a child is at your disposal, you as parent take certain decision for him such as what is right and what is wrong; whom to talk and whom not to. It is necessary that you involve your kids in such decisions so that they also understand what is good and what is bad for them.

5. Summer vacations are welcomed by children but not by all parents. Some parents unwelcome the idea of kids being home whole day disturbing their schedule; especially working parents. Hence such parents consider summer camp as a tool for sending children away from home. This way they get to keep their troublesome kids away from disturbing their schedules.

6. Parents usually enroll their kids to summer camp without actual perception of where their child's interest belong. In such cases a child who is not interested in certain activities such as adventure sports or other such learning skills may be forced upon to attend such camps.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Importance of Summer Camp for Kids

Source: Google

What is Summer Camp

Summer camp is an ideal platform for learning basic skills and enjoying summer holidays for kids. It is an important requirement for every kid to learn new opportunities and to embark on new adventure. A summer camp is a perfect tool for a child to get past the boredom and make summer more entertaining and interesting. Summer camp exposes a child to an adventure which can be fun and educational. Though I didn't turn out that lucky enough to enjoy this one time experience of my life, I made sure my kid had it all. Way back then summer camp weren't an established and verified concept! But today thanks to this boom of communication and media, we get to know loads of things happening around us.

Why Summer Camps are important 

Summer Camp is a big explosion of entertainment, education and fun. Children are known to undergo a massive  positive change after attending these summer camps. This change in children is in context to their confidence, behavior, learning capabilities, fear and knowledge. One can say that summer camp is like a stepping stone for kids to be more passionate, demonstrative and assertive. Additionally a child learns the most important lessons in life and that is self dependence and self confidence.Every child needs to embark on this journey at least once in his childhood days.

Benefits of being part of summer camp for kids

Boosting a Child's Self - Confidence

A child who is always dependent on their parents for most of his daily chores, starts doing it on his own at summer camps. Though he may not be kind of perfect carrying these chores alone yet he tries something he hasn't done before which builds assertiveness and boost self confidence in a child. Not only this evolves his personality but also blossoms his character.

Learning to Adapt

Our kids get too comfortable around home and sometimes it gets difficult to make them adjust to different surroundings. They have such comfort level built up which makes it difficult to accommodate to new surroundings with parents around. A little out of their comfort zone and a child can throw tantrums. But this can definitely change as it's here summer camp comes handy. Here a child comes out of his comfort level and readily adapts to new surroundings and rules. Summer camp organizers fix their own set of rules which are to be followed by kids.

Making New Friends

One of the most enjoyable benefit for a child who visits a summer camp is to make new friends. Kids get to meet new people, new friends and this broadens their horizon.

Learning to Share

Due to nuclear families nowadays with one kid per family, sharing is a concept least known to kids. Every child wants to have it all! With stay in a summer camp, where not just a kid has to share his accommodation, but also often his personal belongings. Like sharing toothpaste, even first aid, snacks or even clothes. A child also learns to share his experiences, stories and adventures with other kids. This may open up a child to new knowledge and broaden his horizon.

Learning to Socialize

Summer camps may help a child to come out of his introvert nature and be more communicative. Summer camp is usually aimed to plan and organize such activities which can help a child to participate and be expressive. Teaming up with kids of same ideas and perspective helps a child to express and open-up. This can be positive development for kids, especially those who speak less and keep it to themselves.

Developing a new Hobby and Passion

Various activities are held out in summer camps. These activities may include adventure sport training, sports, drawing, dancing, singing, nature trails, bird watching, treasure hunts, writing, story telling etc. This could be a place where a child may come across one such activity that enthralls him to such an extent that he may just take it as a hobby. It could be anything such as a passion for photography, a liking to treks,  an interest in writing or bird watching. Few kids also take up to certain sports which they never played or enjoyed before. You never know!

Thus parents should understand what a summer camp can do to their kid's potential. A few days away from you amidst nature may just work positively for your kid as it would brush his talents and do some good for his overall growing up process.
So let your child embark on a journey which can be fun, adventurous and a great learning process. Enroll your child in a summer camp which agrees with him and helps him to boost his potential.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

How to Make Paper Lantern - Easy Steps

School projects in India always include DIY projects for kids about making articles such as diyas, lanterns etc; especially during Diwali. Making paper lantern is a quick and easy craft ideas for kids. Here's an easy method of making paper lantern using materials easily available at your local stationery shop. The steps for making this paper lantern are so easy that kids can do it themselves. Let's learn step by step method to make paper lantern at home.

Materials required for making paper lantern 

Ice-cream sticks - 32
Butter paper - 2 sheets

Method for making paper lantern


Take two butter papers. Apply glue on one vertical end of each butter paper and stick the edges to make one long sheer of paper.


With the help of a ruler and pencil, draw four squares on the glued butter paper. I have measured 12 cm X 12 cm. If you want to make big lantern, draw bigger squares.


Now With the help of scissor cut this long rectangle that contains 4 squares side by side. My rectangle measured 48 cm in length and 12 cm in breadth.


Now try to fold these squares at end. It would look like a cube. Now join the two ends of this rectangular butter paper.


In case you make a bigger square, you may require two ice cream sticks or one and half ice cream sticks. With the help of glue, stick ice-cream sticks on edges of each square. Cut few ice-cream sticks in small shapes like drops and paste it in the center of each square paper to make a unique design.


Stick two ice-cream sticks on top of the lantern for suspension. If you have made this lantern using bigger squares then you should use a lace or decorative thread on top of the lantern for suspension.

Your decorative paper lantern is ready. 

Safety Tips for Children in the Kitchen

Most kids enjoy experimenting in the kitchen. It could just be anything right from simple nimbu paani to making an omelette. Be it a girl or boy! cooking can be enjoyed by both of them. Cooking can be really fun in kitchen for our young chefs provided they follow certain rules.

Top Ten Kitchen Safety Rules for Children

1. First most important thing is adult supervision. Never attempt cooking in kitchen without your's parent's presence. Let them handle the chores which can be dangerous such as cutting, chopping, steaming, frying least until you master them.

2. Second important thing is hygiene. Make sure that before cooking or handling food, you wash your hands very, very clean.

3. While prepping in kitchen it is possible that your hands get dirty or sticky, in such case wash hands again before continuing. Keep a kitchen wipe or cotton napkin handy.

4. Before trying to experiment with your recipe, make sure that the utensils you use are clean as well. We don't want germs in our food, do we?

5. Before you begin your cooking quest, try reading and getting well versed with the recipe you plan to make carefully and repeatedly. Make sure you have all the ingredients and utensils ready and handy.

6. Once you have finished using the ingredients, put them back in place. Your mom should get her kitchen clean and tidy, the way she keeps it!

7. If your recipe involves handling hot dishes, it would be a good idea to let your parents help.

8. Use of ovens and microwaves can cook food easily and deliciously. But if you won't be careful, then there chances of getting scalded. So it's necessary that you ask your parents to guide you.

9. If you are really interested in cooking and experimenting in kitchen, start with easy recipes. Learn from your parents the use of various utensils and gadgets. Learn how to handle them.

10. Before becoming a skilled chef, try and help your mom in prepping. Constant practice makes one perfect. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

The Largest Temple Corridor in India

The corridor of Ramnathswamy Temple located at Rameshwaram, Tamilnadu has the largest temple corridor in India. This shrine is a Shiva Temple which has 1220 meters of huge corridors that houses around 1200 majestic columns made of granite. The Ramnathswamy Temple was built in 17th Century. Located on the Rameshwaram Island, it is a popular pilgrimage.

It is said that Lord Rama had performed rituals here on this island after killing Ravana. One of the twelve Jyotirlingas, Rameshwaram is an important and must visit pilgrimage in India.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Amazing Facts About The Pink Lake (Lake Retba)

Located in the north of Cap Vert Peninsula of Senegal, West Africa, the Pink Lake is one of the popular destinations. The actual name of Pink Lake is Lake Retba. Because of it's pink waters, the lake is called as Pink Lake or Lac Rose by the locals.

The Pink Lake gets its colour because of the presence of the Dunaliella Salina Algae that is slightly red or purple in colour. The red pigment within the algae is produced using sunlight for more energy.

This lake is said to be totally harmless for humans and hence one can swim in the lake. But the presence of high salt content within the lake makes it difficult for living organism to thrive. And hence not many organisms survive in the Pink Lake.

The salt content in the lake is said to be one and half times higher than the Dead Sea. Salt is extracted from the Pink Lake by locals and salt collecting industries. To protect their skin from the huge salinity, the salt workers apply shea butter on their skin for protection.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

What is 83-42 Greenland

Sources - Google
Imagine this place which is identified by numbers and no, it's not a pincode! 83-42 Greenland is the northernmost point on Earth. It is a piece of land which was first spotted by Dennis Schmitt in 1998. Thereafter it was named a Schmitt Island. This place is located 432 miles from North Pole and measures about 35m X 15m. 

83-42 Greenland is 4 meters high in Greenland and is made of piles of rocks and mud. Yet this is a permanent piece of land where life in the form of Lichens exist. Lichens are a type of algae that grow on rocks and usually found in various colours. Earlier it was considered that Kaffeklubben Island was the northernmost point on Earth, but now 83-42 Greenland is the world's Northernmost point.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Stok Range

Within the well-known Hemis National Park, around 14 km southwest of Leh Ladakh district; lie the famous Stok Range. It stands at an altitude of 20,182 feet above sea level. It's highest peak Stok Kangri is a effortless and undemanding climb; and hence is most often considered as a beginning expedition for high altitude mountaineering such as Mount Everest.

The interesting feature of Stok Range is the breathtaking and dazzling rocks formed from strongly creased layer of deposits that point skyward in bright colours such as orange, purple and green.

Friday, May 5, 2017

A Fallstreak Hole

Sources: Google
A Fallstreak Hole is a large, oval gap that appears in Cirrocumulous clouds (high altitude clouds) or Altocumulous clouds (low altitude clouds). This hole, also known as Cavum literally appears as a punch hole in clouds. When the temperature of clouds is below freezing point but the water is not frozen due to lack of ice nucleus (Ice nucleus means the particle which plays the role of a nucleus and helps in the formation of ice crystals), such holes or gaps within the clouds form.

So due to the lack of ice nucleus the ice crystals that are formed set off chain reactions which cause the water droplets to evaporate around the crystals, thus leaving a large gap (circular or oval) in the cloud.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Fun Facts about Mushroom for Kids

No doubt, mushroom is becoming one of our favourite foods in the world. Each and every type of edible mushroom available in the market promises flavourful and delicate flavours  which blend well with vegetables, meat and fish. Actually being a fungus, but yet so delicious, don't you think? Dunk it in soup or accompany with a rice, saute it, fry it, stuff it or grill it; yet the most humble mushroom promises to toss delicious flavours. Some fun facts about mushroom are jotted below:

my nephew's artwork
- One tends to think that everything that delights its tongue can actually be bad....but that's simply not true about mushrooms. Mushrooms are actually good for our health as they have high doses of amino acids, higher than one can find in corn, peanuts and soy!

- With good vitamin contents, mushroom can be a good substitute for meat. Good news for vegetarians!

- The word Mycophile is used for people who make it their hobby hunting mushrooms, wild and edible.

- Armillaria Solidipes, also known to us as honey mushrooms is one of the world's largest living organisms which can grow upto 110 ft long. It is estimated to be growing for around 2400 years and thus enlists itself among the world's oldest living organisms.

- There is no chlorophyll present in mushrooms (responsible for green colour in plants) and hence, they do not require sunlight for growth. Mushroom cultivation can thus be carried out in barns, warehouses and other dark places. One of the earliest documented mushroom farm was set up in dark caves of France, during King Louis XIV's reign.

- Mushrooms are known to grow super fast!

- One of edible mushrooms, Portobello mushrooms are rich sources of potassium. It is said that a single portobello mushroom contains high contents of potassium than a banana.

- Cordyceps are known to be one of the oldest mushrooms known to mankind.
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