Sunday, May 28, 2017

Disadvantages of Summer Camp

Summer Camp are meant to be an instrument of fun, frolic and education for kids. At least that is the idea, for which we send our kids to summer camp. But it's not necessary that summer camp agrees with every kids that participate in them. A summer camp can have it's own benefits as well as drawbacks. What you thought would be a fun experience for your kid may turn out to be an unpleasant episode or even a nightmare for your child.

Disadvantage of Summer Camp for Kids

1. A summer camp if not organized well can often be an uncomfortable experience. There could be certain issues such as uncomfortable sleeping arrangements, lack of hygiene, unavailability of basic requirements such as food and drinking water, lack of proper ventilation etc. This can really be an unbearable experience for kids, who would want it to come to an end and may never enjoy their summer camps.

2. The organisers of summer camps already plan ahead day to day activities for kids. If your child is not use to physical exertion he or she may feel exhausted throughout the day if no breaks are provided. It is the duty of an organiser to ensure that kids get enough rest so that they enjoy their summer camp by not making it too hectic for them.

3. A child can injure himself during various adventurous activities. It is hence important that safety precautions are taken care of by the organisers.

4. Summer camp is a place where a child meets new friends. Now this is really important for a child's development. But if a child has no knowledge of what is good influence and what is bad influence then there is a possibility that your child may expose himself to bad company or involve in activities which can be harmful for him. When a child is at your disposal, you as parent take certain decision for him such as what is right and what is wrong; whom to talk and whom not to. It is necessary that you involve your kids in such decisions so that they also understand what is good and what is bad for them.

5. Summer vacations are welcomed by children but not by all parents. Some parents unwelcome the idea of kids being home whole day disturbing their schedule; especially working parents. Hence such parents consider summer camp as a tool for sending children away from home. This way they get to keep their troublesome kids away from disturbing their schedules.

6. Parents usually enroll their kids to summer camp without actual perception of where their child's interest belong. In such cases a child who is not interested in certain activities such as adventure sports or other such learning skills may be forced upon to attend such camps.

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