Thursday, May 4, 2017

Fun Facts about Mushroom for Kids

No doubt, mushroom is becoming one of our favourite foods in the world. Each and every type of edible mushroom available in the market promises flavourful and delicate flavours  which blend well with vegetables, meat and fish. Actually being a fungus, but yet so delicious, don't you think? Dunk it in soup or accompany with a rice, saute it, fry it, stuff it or grill it; yet the most humble mushroom promises to toss delicious flavours. Some fun facts about mushroom are jotted below:

my nephew's artwork
- One tends to think that everything that delights its tongue can actually be bad....but that's simply not true about mushrooms. Mushrooms are actually good for our health as they have high doses of amino acids, higher than one can find in corn, peanuts and soy!

- With good vitamin contents, mushroom can be a good substitute for meat. Good news for vegetarians!

- The word Mycophile is used for people who make it their hobby hunting mushrooms, wild and edible.

- Armillaria Solidipes, also known to us as honey mushrooms is one of the world's largest living organisms which can grow upto 110 ft long. It is estimated to be growing for around 2400 years and thus enlists itself among the world's oldest living organisms.

- There is no chlorophyll present in mushrooms (responsible for green colour in plants) and hence, they do not require sunlight for growth. Mushroom cultivation can thus be carried out in barns, warehouses and other dark places. One of the earliest documented mushroom farm was set up in dark caves of France, during King Louis XIV's reign.

- Mushrooms are known to grow super fast!

- One of edible mushrooms, Portobello mushrooms are rich sources of potassium. It is said that a single portobello mushroom contains high contents of potassium than a banana.

- Cordyceps are known to be one of the oldest mushrooms known to mankind.

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