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15 Best New Year's Resolutions List

Another fresh new year is here...

Another year to live!

To banish worry, doubt and fear,

To love and laugh and give!...

.... I have the opportunity

Once more to right some wrongs,

To pray for peace, to plant a tree,

And sing more joyful songs!

                    -  William Arthur Ward

A resolution is one way to improve yourself in someway or be beneficial for someone or even an opportunity to do wrongs right. With the onset of New Year it is very important to give a thought to each and every little decisions that would affect your life. New Year Resolution is also about -

- Fulfilling an unfulfilled promise.

- To complete an incomplete goal

- To remember a forgotten path.

While bidding goodbye to the year that is slipping from our hands, we can welcome the coming year making resolutions that reflect the change - not just around us but within us too! Name it a trend or even a tradition, but New Year Resolutions should be part of your celebration list. New Year Resolution is all about walking an extra mile or taking that extra step towards a Happy New Beginning.

Thus to add a fun quotient to your existing dull life or even to pledge new goals for a better life; here is a New Year's Resolution List that could help you consider some tricky, funny or on a serious note; aspiring goals for a promising year ahead.

15 Best New Year's Resolutions List

1. Lose Weight

This most common new year resolution sounds easy but is way too practically difficult. No wonder this resolution is started with much enthusiasm which dies out in just a couple of days. If you plan to look upon failed resolutions from the past, you may find this one resolution topping the list. A little encouragement from family and friends as well as a little determination can help you achieve this goal.

2. Forgive and Forget

Let bygones be bygones! And this is the resolution you may wish to be part of your list. This resolution may sound preachy but if followed can make your life a bit easy and stress-free. This resolutions helps you in nurturing emotions and fostering relationships. It helps to level down your stress levels and forget all the bad things that could bring sourness in healthy relationships.

3. Get Organized

Oops... It is applicable to most of us! This resolution is more of your mom's hearty wish rather than a resolution. But getting organized or even taking one step towards it would have a great imapct on your everyday routine. By being organized one would actually save lot of time, energy and be stress-free.

4. Learn Something New

This new year, try to learn something new! This could be anything - any skill, a language, a sport or just a new approach. Learn anything new that you always wanted to or wished to learn. Trying something that you failed in past at with a new perspective would also help. This resolution could be worth trying.

5. Remember Important Dates

Make life easy for you and special for people around you by making it a point to remember important dates like birthdays, anniversaries, get-together etc. Keep tab on your brain functions or get yourself organized with Google Calendar which helps you to remember all those important dates.

6. Be Thankful

This should be a resolution  for life! 'Thank you' is such simple words which could make other's life magical in their own way. Yet for many these words are difficult to express. Saying thanks and being nice to someone out of the blue should top your resolution list.

7. Make New Friends

It is possible that you may have loads and loads of friends on social networking sites, but this new year maybe it is time to make some new, real and genuine friends. Consider this as a task that would make you much merrier. And instead of going for a pretentious virtual makeover for you online avatar, maybe you would enjoy a dressy evening with bunch of real friends with whom you can share some great time and real feelings.

8. Spending More Time With Family

Spending time is an absolute luxury which not all of are fortunate of. With busy work schedules, we have very little time to spend with our family and loved ones. Nowadays family time is more often treated as an occasional get together. But that should not be it! Spending time with family should be one of our top most priorities and we should try to enjoy it as part of an everyday routine.

9. Read More

Rote-learning has become a major stigma to education. It does not offer real insight in learning as compared to reading. Reading provides us with insight and understanding into various important subjects. Hence instead of mugging up those lessons, it is time to read more and get a thorough perception of a subject. Also with reading you get wiser, knowledgeable and informative. If you are out of practice with reading, it is better to start slow and steady.

10. More of Yoga and Meditation

Adding a daily dosage of yoga and meditation in your daily schedule is the best way to relax your mind. Add yoga and meditation in your resolution list and enjoy the benefits. Yoga energizes your body and meditation plays its part of refreshing your mind. A combination of both yoga and meditation in your New Year resolution list would allow you to live your life in 'peace' rather than 'pieces'!

11. Contributing For a Cause

Taking up an issue or playing a major role towards a cause could help you play the part of a wonderful human. Starting this year, try and contribute towards any cause you feel closer to and feel better about yourself. One can always be charitable and make a difference without contributing financially. Just taking up social causes such as helping the society or nature in your own special way.

Learn more about How to make a difference by contributing to a cause

12. Appreciating Others

Appreciating other's efforts may sound to be an easy task, yet it could be daunting to others. It gets quite sticky when it comes to praising someone for their efforts. This emotion of appreciating others can be difficult for human beings as it clashes with their egos. But if a person takes a little time to express a heart-felt appreciation towards someone it would really boost that person's passion and purpose towards the efforts. So this new year, get going with the effort to recognize and enjoy a person's value and goodness.

13. Work Towards Punctuality

Punctuality is one of the entrant of the resolution list which is added and then forgotten. Punctuality is one such task we all unable to keep up with. Though being punctual could actually help us to achieve more, yet it is something we fight hard at. So this year make it a resolution to work towards making a right entry and be punctual for our own benefit and success.

14. Care to Share

Sharing with others brings such happiness to one's life. The ability to share is more like giving a gift to not just others but to oneself. If you can share something with people and make them smile then why not! One of the best things that one can share with others is happiness and empathy. Even sharing some time with people who need it the most helps.

15. Quitting a Bad Habit

Every one of us has some bad habit or other. It could be anything from smoking, drinking, stealing, nail-biting, shopping etc. We know a habit is bad when it starts to bother or affect us negatively. And we also realize that it is high time we quit it but we can't. This new year let us take that one step forward towards quitting whatever bad habit we have. Lets work towards trying to do it less and less and thus bringing it to an end. Let us make a resolution which makes us proud when we finish it and tick off out of our list. 

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Key To Make Successful New Year Resolutions

New year is all about new beginnings. The month of January brings with it new hope and optimism for all of us. It presents us an opportunity to assess our life and to reflect on how the year has passed. The new sense of optimism that builds kicks some renewal energy within us, which keeps us going with new vigour and strength. This vigour and optimism leads us to create New Year Resolutions which make a grand appearance but weaken just in a few days to follow. Resolution is defined as a firm decision about to do or not to do something. And hence New Year Resolutions are planned by most of us to make such firm resolve over certain things only after a deep think over. Resolutions are planned only when one is convinced about four things -

1. The belief of bringing a change for oneself.

2. The determination of not making excuses.

3. Complete focus on the results.

4. The reasons for making such resolutions for oneself.

Purpose of New Year Resolutions

Resolutions are planned and implemented because they can bring in change. Resolutions can help you lead to self development. They could work as new beginnings and could give a complete new goal for your life. Resolutions can help you achieve success by helping you in improving your situations. They could help you think over on how you wish to see yourself in the near future. This self assessment can help you come up with a plan that can work positively on achieving goals you are determined to achieve.

Key To Make Successful New Year Resolutions

Let the Resolutions Be Realistic

The first and foremost key to make resolutions is that they are realistic. You cannot make plans that are miraculous. Making resolutions that are far way from being realistic can work in a destructing way. You cannot plan on something that is just not real. The resolutions that you plan on should be achievable for you. Hence before making resolutions give a reality check.

Let the Resolutions Be Motivating

When you make New Year Resolutions, make sure that they motivate you. Do not let your resolutions frighten you. The resolutions you make should not be daunting at all. If you are frightened by the task placed ahead of you, there is very little chance that you would try to attain it.

Work Towards Your Resolutions

Dreaming and planning resolutions is easy; but the most important task lays ahead. Your resolutions are successful only when you make them work. Being firm on your decisions and working towards the goals you set are the only way you could bring success in your resolutions.

Learn from Your Past Resolutions

This is not the first time that you are planning on making resolutions. You have done this earlier many times whenever a new year headed. But you failed most of them. So the best way to make your resolution work is to figure our what went wrong with your previous resolutions. Once you realize your drawbacks and reason for failures, you could make things work with your current resolutions.

Maturity Helps Bring Success in Your Resolutions

When we look upon ourselves from past we laugh at times on our foolishness and about all the crazy mistakes we did earlier. We realize how each passing year has made us more mature and responsible. This realization helps us to work in a better manner towards attaining our goals and to exploit the changes around us. This maturity helps us enhance as a better individual that we were in the past.

Trying New Things at the Beginning of the Year

Though a person can stay motivated and implement on finishing his goals throughout the year, yet beginning of a year is the time when we are actually enthusiastic about the whole idea. It is the special atmosphere that gives momentum to the whole idea of making resolutions and making it happen. Hence trying out new things or gaining new experiences at the beginning of the year could be a total spiritual experience in it's own.

Self Examination Can Help Bring Success in Your Resolutions

One of the best ways of making this new year resolution work better than your last year's resolution is through self examination. Self examination is a process where you review your past year and question yourself on your abilities and capabilities. This is how you can help yourself in becoming a better person in future. Question yourself and learn where exactly you stand in terms of realizing your dreams and goals.

Set New Resolution Goals For Yourself

As you realize that the beginning of a year is the perfect time to set new challenges and goals!  This is the time when you are full of optimism and positivity which can help you attain those set goals. Setting goals that are new to you can bring a little challenge to your resolution plans. Such goals can actually breathe oxygen in your New Year Resolution. Such goals that give you strength to continue along your plan in spite of many difficulties and challenges could be worth it.

A New Perspective on Old Failures

Sometimes the only difference between a success and a failure is the one chance to try it out again. Some resolutions that you failed to achieve in the past could be worth giving one more shot this year. Looking at your failures with a new perspective could prove out to be a turning point in converting your failure into success. 

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How to Make Your Own Terrarium

With few simple steps one can easily make a beautiful terrarium right at home. Making your own terrarium can be perfect DIY activity to be carried out with kids or for school projects. Terrarium both open as well as closed can be perfect decor to lighten up your house as well as office. It is all about selecting the plants for Terrarium, the right terrarium container, getting the right materials and planning some landscaping around it. Once you have all the materials you need to make the terrarium, then the steps to follow are pretty easy. You needs to find a glass jar or a glass bowl or even a wine glass as a desired terrarium container in which you wish to make your own terrarium.

DIY Terrarium kits are nowadays easily available online which can help out novices to make their own terrarium. These DIY Terrarium kits come out handy when you are not sure about the right material to use as well as selecting the right terrarium plants. For the first timers who wish to learn making their own terrarium, DIY Terrarium Kits are really useful. These DIY Terrarium kit comes with either one or two succulents, gravel, a terrarium container, some decorative items, sand and charcoal. The kit comes with easy step by step instruction manual which helps you to make your own terrarium. But for those enthusiasts who do not wish to buy a terrarium kit online, can definitely give it a try by just gathering some simple materials and make their own terrarium garden. These materials can be easily made available from a plant nursery. Terrarium Containers can be selected as per your own wish. People who are in the habit of collecting pebbles and decorative materials can use their imagination and make a beautiful terrarium garden of their own. Follow these simple steps and learn how to make your own terrarium garden.

Materials to Make Your Own Terrarium

Terrarium Container - 1, any of your choice
Spoon - Preferably with a long handle, depending on your terrarium container
Plant - 1 or 2 succulents or any other small, slow growing plants of your choice
Gravel - preferably small pea gravel of any color you prefer
Activated Charcoal
Moss - Some sphagnum moss (optional)
Potting Soil
Decorative pebbles or rocks
Small toys or clay items

Method to Make Your Own Terrarium


Let us start with a clean, clear open top glass bowl. I have used a fish bowl for my open terrarium. Make sure that the terrarium container you are using is clean and dry.

Clean and dry terrarium container


Depending on the length and opening of your terrarium container either with the help of a spoon or with your hands start placing gravel at the bottom of the terrarium. Add gravel at least 1 to 2 inch layer. This gravel layer works as a drainage for your terrarium. The small rocks that you add in your terrarium container collect the water drainage.

Adding gravel as the first layer


Add a thin layer of activated charcoal on the top of the rocks. This activated charcoal layer should be at least 1 to 1/2 inch placed evenly on the gravel. The activated charcoal layer is an important part of any terrarium both open or closed, as it prevents bacteria to develop in the terrarium and also prevents bad odour. Learn more about How to take care of your terrarium

Adding activated charcoal to the terrarium container


Once the activated charcoal layer is evenly placed, add a layer of potting soil with help of the spoon. Mix a potting soil with vermicompost and start adding it over the top of the charcoal layer. Make sure that you do not add too much of vermicompost, as you do not want the plants to grow fast. The soil layer should be at least 3 to 4 inches, depending upon the size of your terrarium container. Before adding the potting soil make sure that the soil is evenly moisten but not soggy.

If you are planning to plant moss in your terrarium to prevent the soil from mixing into the gravel then place the moss over the activated charcoal before adding the potting soil.

Adding potting soil to your terrarium container


With the help of the spoon stem, make a hole within the soil and place your first plant. The hole made should be big enough for the plant to root into the soil. Remove the plant from its pot, gently tap the plant to remove the excess soil and then gently nestle the plant inside the hole you made and tap lightly on the soil for the plant to hold up firmly in the place where it is planted.

Planting succulent in your terrarium container


If you are planning to plant more than one plant inside the terrarium, start doing so. Continue planting the plants that you have chosen to plant within the terrarium container. These terrarium plants could either be succulents or any other  terrarium plants of your choice which grow slow. You can also opt for flowering plants. It is advisable to start planting at the back of the terrarium container and then move your way forward. Or you can plant sideways depending on the size of the terrarium container. If you are planting tall plants in the sides, you can use extra layer of the potting soil for tall plants.

You can place more than one plant in a terrarium


Once all the plants are been potted and arranged, place one layer of sand over the potting soil. This layer should at least be 1/4th inch in thickness.

Adding a sand layer


Once you have done planting, you can start decorating the terrarium by adding accessories that you have collecting for your terrarium garden.  This could include a moss carpet, toys, glass beads, buttons, pebbles, sea shells, shiny objects, etc. Use your own imagination and finish the landscaping. This landscaping will complete the look. You can always change the landscaping afterwards and replace the decorative items.

Decorate the terrarium with pebbles and sea shells

Your terrarium garden is ready!

Learn more about Open Terrarium Care

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How to Take Care of a Terrarium

Terrariums are pretty easy to make. With little imagination and material you can create as many terrariums as you wish. But if proper care is not taken, terrariums can fall apart. Since they don't require much watering, terrariums are often ignored and carelessly handled. This can lead to complete destruction of your beautifully created terrarium. And hence one has to take proper care of their terrarium - both open terrarium and closed terrarium. Though there is not much to look after as these plants need less care but yet few things should be taken care of if you wish your terrarium to thrive for a longer time. Here are few tips that would help you to maintain your terrarium successfully for a long time.

How to take Care of your Terrarium Plants

Care of Succulents

Succulents need less care
Succulents with thick leaves and stems store water and are comfortable with less watering activity around them. Most important part about succulents is that they thrive in extreme conditions and do not require lot of space to grow. Most of the succulent species grow right within the space they are planted and do not overgrow. Hence they do not need to be transplanted. They require at least 2 to 3 hours of direct sunlight every day. If the edges of the cacti are turning yellow, it means that the soil in which the cacti is planted does not meet to it's expectation. It is time to remove and repot the cactus.

Enough Potting Soil

While planting a plant in the terrarium, ensure that the potting soil should be deep enough for the plants to root to. Potting soil should always be mixed with vermicompost before placing in the terrarium container.

Perfect Spot

Before making a terrarium and selecting plants for it, select a good spot and check for the light that would fall on it. Then select the plants accordingly. Do not place the container facing direct sunlight.

Watering Your Terrarium

Water only once a week and that to by merely sprinkling on the required quantity that would moisten the soil enough. Over-watering would destroy the plants especially succulents. The roots of succulents may rot if too much watering is done. Never water on the leaves of the plant. Using a tall spoon or a water dropper or even a syringe, water at the base of the plants to moisten the soil. With syringes and water dropper you have an advantage of adding water in little batches.

Placing Moss

If moss is been placed or planted in a terrariun then ensure that the container is closed. In an open terrarium make sure that the moss is pressed firmly between the plant layers.

Growth of the Plant

If you notice too much growth in the height of the plant, cut of the newest growth to the desired height. This also ensures that the plant starts growing from sides, thus giving it a shrubby look. Plants selected for terrarium usually are known to grow slow and reach very little height. But there are times when plants could outgrow the environment of the terrarium and in such cases it is ideal to replace the plant.

Rotten Plants

Rotten plants should be immediately removed from the terrarium both closed as well as open. The mildew or mould should be carefully removed along with some portions of soil touching the mould. Only after doing this new plant should be potted in it's place.

Planting Terrarium Plants

How many plants one should plant in a terrarium is something that cannot be answered. In a large terrarium one can place as many plants as he wishes. The number of plants to be potted in a terrarium container varies with space and individual.

Planting in Large Terrarium Container

While planting in large terrarium container such as fish tank, make sure that you gather and plant all the succulents together and plant the tropical plants together. Same applies to wide varieties of ferns. The watering and soiling requirement for each of these plants such as succulents, tropical plants and ferns are different. Hence once they are planted in groups in different sections of the container, individual attention can be provided to their needs.

How to Take Care of Your Terrarium Garden

Charcoal is an essential element
1. Always read the instructions carefully while making a terrarium. Do not miss out on the steps 

2. Charcoal is an essential element of the terrarium garden. It is important to add a layer of charcoal on the gravel before placing the soil layer. Charcoal prevents the formation of bacteria towards the drainage level of the soil, thus further preventing the roots of the plants from rotting.

3. It is important to understand and study the pattern of how much time it takes for the soil in your terrarium to dry. Once you learn the pattern it gets easy for you to understand how often and how much you should water. This pattern totally depends on how close the terrarium is placed near the window and how much sunlight it gets. 

4. While preparing the potting soil mix vermicompost to ensure a healthy soil for your plants. 

5. Never add direct tap water to the soil. Ensure that the water added is either bottled or left out for 24 hours for the chlorine to evaporate. You can also use distilled water.

6. To maintain the health of your terrarium garden remove dried leaves or flowers if any.

7. Do not forget to clean the glass of your terrarium container inside out with a lint-free cloth or newspaper sheet to remove smudges, finger prints or dirt if any. This way your terrarium garden would always look beautiful and clean.

Open Terrarium Care

1. Ensure that the open terrarium gets frequent light.

2. Never place an open terrarium right in front of direct sunlight.

Enough moisten soil but never soaking wet
3. Add water once in 7 to 14 days and do so with the help of a syringe or a water dropper. While watering do not add too much water but just enough to moisten the soil.

4. Soil in the open terrarium should always be moist but never soaking wet. 

5. It is not necessary to add fertilizer to the open terrarium regularly. Regular fertilizing ensures good and fast growth which is one thing we don't want to happen in our terrarium. 

6. Any leaf or stem that touches the glass should be cut off. 

7. Regular pruning is essential for healthy and shrubby growth of plants.

Closed Terrarium Care

A closed terrarium need little bit of an extra care as compared to an open care, though taking care of the closed terrarium could be complicated at times. A closed terrarium acts as an self-sustaining universe in itself. Hence the most important care that one can take is mostly during the time you built it up. 

1. If you notice that too much water is collected at the base of the terrarium, remove the lid and keep the terrarium open for at least 1 to 2 days. This way the water would evaporate. Always check for condensation rate in the closed terrariums. Large water droplets should be taken care off by keeping the lid open for a while. 

Always check for condensation rate in closed terrariums
2. If you frequently find signs of dry leaves or rotten leaves, it would be a good idea to take off that lid of the enclosed terrarium for a while.

3. Do not fertilize regularly. Closed terrarium should be fertilized only if you notice any signs of undernourishment in the plants.

4. Regular pruning is essential for healthy and shrubby growth of plants.

5. At times it is ideal to replace a plant with another.

6. It is not necessary to add fertilizer to the closed terrarium regularly. Regular fertilizing ensures good and fast growth which is one thing we don't want to happen in our terrarium. 

7.  Any leaf or stem that touches the glass should be cut off.

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Terrarium Containers - 15 Top Terrarium Containers Ideas

A terrarium can be created in varied containers which offer a beautiful display. All one requires is some imagination and look around oneself. If you plan to make your own terrarium then be creative with things around you. With little creativity you may be able to use containers right out of your kitchen or living area. And who knows the idea of creating a terrarium may just turn out to be an recycled DIY project which you would be proud of! Some terrarium containers that can be ideal for planting include containers made from glass, ceramic, plastic, wood or even metal.

Related image
Wine Glass Terrarium

15 Top Terrarium Containers Ideas

1. A wine glass 

Wine glasses of any size and shape can be ideal for making a terrarium. These are ideal for planting small succulents with little amount of gravel and sand.

2. Fish bowl

Clear glass fish bowls which are usually round or oblong in shape and no more in use can be a perfect choice for a terrarium.

3. Glass vase 

Big and deep clear glass flower vase can be used up to make a single plant terrarium.

Fish Bowl Terrarium

4. Fish tank 

 Fish tank is an ideal choice for making a large terrarium. It allows you to plant more than one plants in different size and shapes to create a big indoor terrarium garden. One also gets great opportunity with decorating options for such terrarium.

5. Glass container 

Any glass container  or a clear glass salad bowl which catches your imagination for a terrarium can be a perfect choice for an small open terrarium.

6. Glass jars with lids 

 Glass jars with lids are perfect option for a closed terrarium. These glass jars can be of any size and shape. One that are no more in use in the kitchen storage such as the big pickle jars, can work as an excellent option. Use of plants such as moss or ferns and some decoration will make these plain glass jars into something beautiful.

Bell Jar Terrarium

7. Bell jars 

Clear glass Bell jars can work excellent cover for a indoor, closed terrarium.

8. Hanging glass planters 

Hanging glass planters can be a perfect idea for a terrarium which uses hanging plants such as the swedish ivy plant or even an air plant.

9. Deep glass dish 

 A deep glass dish which is no more in use can be used as a terrarium container for planting small succulents.

10. Birdhouse 

Birdhouse can be an excellent choice for making you own terrarium. Various tall or hanging plants can be planted along the openings or the birdhouse.

Learn more about How to Make Your Own Terrarium
11. Birdcage 

 A birdcage which is no more in use can work as an option for a terrarium. Many hanging varieties could be planted along the rims and edges along with flowreing moss in the center of the cage.

12. Mud pots 

Small mud pots can be used as an excellent decorative planter within a large terrarium.

Birdcage Terrarium

13. Tea cups 

 Tea cups, either glass or ceramics can be used for planting succulents to make an small and open terrarium with little decoration.

14. Tea pot 

A clear glass tea-pot could be used as a terrarium container. It is indeed all about imagination and creativity!

15. Ceramic dish 

 A deep ceramic dish or a bowl or even a ceramic deep tray could be used as a terrarium container.

Birdcage Terrarium

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Terrarium Garden - Plants for Terrarium

Often considered as an ornamental item, terrarium is more of an small indoor garden enclosed within a glass jar. This enclosed garden can either be found sealed or even open to the atmosphere. However closed terrarium are considered to be more adequate as they allow the plants that are planted inside the terrarium, right amount of exposure to the heat and moisture trapped inside the glass container. However the open terrarium can also work well if proper care is taken. The presence of a even a small terrarium can add beauty and elegance to your house. This beautiful miniature garden can be created by anyone just by following simple steps. Other than that one also needs to know some important basics such as which plant to be potted and how watering is to be done for gaining success at creating a terrarium. The plants that you choose to grow in a terrarium need to be carefully selected. Once you get all steps right, terrarium can be made at home successfully.

Plants for Terrarium

It is important to know which plants are ideally best to be planted inside a terrarium.   A closed terrarium is ideal for planting plant varieties which can grow within the closed, sheltered and dry environment. Plants such as various varieties of ferns and mosses are ideal for a closed terrarium. Various plants such as  golden clubmoss, aluminium plant, Baby Tear's plant, Black Mondo grass, artillery fern, etc can work well within the closed environment. However plants like Black mondo grass are perfect for large-size terrarium built up.

For an open terrarium succulents are the ideal choice. Succulents can survive in dry and humid conditions. They are known to retain water and hence they are an ideal choice for an open terrarium. Succulents can also survive in high light environments. The chances of soil drying out in open terrariums are high and planting a succulent ensures water retaining. Thus one more advantage of planting succulents within a terrarium is that you usually do not have to water often. Watering once a week can work well.

Silver White Rosette Succulent

Some varieties of succulents for terrariums

1. Silver white Rossette

2. Rhipsalis species such as Mistletoe Cactus

3. Gasteria green succulents.

4. The Sansevieria succulent varieties such as the Snake plant.

5. Cryptanthus succulent varieties also known as the Earth Star.

6. Hatiora salicornioides such as the Drunkard's Bones, Dancing Bones, Spice Cactus.

Starfish Cactus

Learn more about How to Make Your Own Terrarium

Few Terrarium Plants Varieties

Starfish Plant  

The starfish cactus or starfish flower plant is almost ideal as the leaves of plants change colour according to the light exposure. The maturity of this plant is slow and doesn't grow much. The maximum height of this plant is not more than 6 inches.

Friendship Plant 

This plant is known to survive in warm temperatures and are beautifully textured. This plant can grow up to 12 inches tall and bores small flowers. It is a perfect choice for a terrarium.

Watermelon Peperomia 

The watermelon peperomia plant is ideal as a terrarium because it is bushy, small and looks beautiful with it's round leaves adorned with silver and dark green stripes. This particular plant requires very little care and can survive in warm conditions.

Related image
Watermelon Peperomia

Silver Nerve Plant 

 The silver nerve plant have distinctive leaves with white and silver stripes or pink and green stripes. This plant can survive in warm environments and doesn't need daily watering.

Aquamarine Plant 

This plant have small, round and delicate leaves. They are best option for large terrariums where you could plant them to provide a carpeting or bushy look. This plant is an excellent choice for indoor plants and does not require much maintenance.

Related image
Aquamarine Plant
Golden Clubmoss 

The Golden Clubmoss can work as an excellent arrangement for a terrarium. It can survive in low light and evenly moist environments. The leaves of this plant are soft, small and velvety. They add a pop-out colour in a terrarium where more than one plants are planted.

Air Plant 

These plants survive on maximum amount of nutrients they get from air and hence do not need to be planted in soil. They work as a perfect stand-out single plant for a hanging terrarium. Many of these varieties bore flowers and pale colored leaves.

Image result for airplant
Air Plant perfect for Hanging Terrarium

Being a wildflower plant, the spiderwort looks stunning with its perennial wildflowers that come in various color shades such as pink, blue, violet etc. It is an ideal choice for a terrarium as the plant can be used well in a large terrarium for bordering as well as throwing different colors for a pop-out look.

Button Fern 

Button fern plant look beautiful with their small button like leaves and hence are an ideal choice for a terrarium. They can grow well with more or less very little care. The presence of evenly moist soil, warm air and indirect light is all that is required to grow this plant.

Swedish Ivy Plant

 The Swedish ivy plant is an indoor plant which requires very less care on our part to grow. Little light and water allows the plant to grow well. This plant has small, round and glossy leaves. Mostly this plant is preferred as a hanging plant. The swedish ivy plant is bushy, dense and gives a carpeting feel. And hence this plant is ideal for planting in a terrarium.

Image result for spiderwort

Friday, December 15, 2017

How to Grow a Cress Caterpillar

School projects include various activities such as growing plants for science projects or even craft projects which asks for growing plants in recycled pots. Such DIY projects helps children learn and understand in fun way as well as it turns out educational. Involving kids in such projects encourages a child to understand the importance of recycled products and also help them learn growing plants.

Cress plant grows quickly and hence can be part of a DIY project where one has not much time altogether. Not only it grows quickly but can also be used in salad preparations or even sandwiches. Thus using cress plant can pretty much make sure that your project completes in time.

Materials you will need for growing a Cress Caterpillar

Egg shells - 4 or 5
Cardboard egg box cut outs - 4 to 5
Googly eyes
Paint - green, red and black
Cress seeds - 4 to 5 tsp
Cotton wool
Red pipe cleaner or red card paper

Method for growing a Cress Caterpillar


Take four or five eggs shells and clean them. Remove any dirt or stain and wipe out clean. With the help of scissor, trim the top of the shells.


Pain each egg shell green with help of paint and brush. Once the paint dries, put red spots on each shell using red paint and brush.


Select one egg shell which you plan to put in front and stick googly eyes on it. If you do not have googly eyes, make out eyes with help of a card paper and stick on the egg shell. With the help of black paint and brush paint a mouth. Allow to dry.


Paint each egg box cut out with green color and allow them to dry. Once done place each egg shell in each egg box. This cardboard egg box will act as the dishes for the egg shell planters.


Place a wad of cotton in the bottom of each egg shell. Sprinkle 1 tsp of cress seeds on top of this cotton wad. Pour spoonful of water over the wool.


To make the antennae for the face of the caterpillar which has been glued googly eyes, twist the pipe cleaner and stick on both ends of the egg shell. If pipe cleaner is not available, you can cut out a spiral shape on red card paper and stick it on the face of the egg shell.


Place the caterpillar in the desired area and add little water daily. The cress plant takes about one week to grow and then you can just snip it out whenever you wish. Your Cress Caterpillar is ready.

Handy tips

1. Take care that you do not dry out the cotton wool.

2. Do not add too much water

3. Add water with help of a spoon.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Old Top Sergeant - Poem By Berton Braley

The Old Top Sergeant 

         - By Berton Braley 

Twenty years of the army, of drawing a sergeant's pay
  And helping the West Point shavetails, fresh from the training school
To handle a bunch of soldiers and drill 'em the proper way
  (Which isn't always exactly according to book and rule).
I've seen 'em rise to Captains and Majors and Colonels, too,
  And me still only a sergeant, the same as I used to be,
And I knew that some of them didn't know as much as a sergeant knew,
  But I stuck to my daily duty--there wasn't a growl from me

Twenty years of the army,
  Serving in peace and war,
Standing the drill of the army mill,
  For that's what they paid me for

Twenty years with the army, which wasn't so much for size,
  But man for man I'd back it to lick any troops on earth.
'Twas a proud little classy army, as good as the flag it flies,
  And it takes an old top sergeant to know what the flag is worth.
Then--a shot at Sarejevo, and hell burst over there
  And the kaiser dragged us in it, and the bill for the draf was passed
And --they handed me my commission, and some shoulder straps to wear,
  And the crazy dream of my rooky days had changed to a fact at last.

Twenty years with the army,
  And it's great to know they call
On the guys like me for what will be
  The mightiest job of all.

Twenty years of the army, of doing what shavetails bid,
  And I know I haven't the polish that fellows like that will show,
And I hold a high opinion of the brains of a West Point kid,
  But I think I can make him hustle when it comes to the work I know.
But who cares where we come from, Plattsburg, ranks, or the Guard,
  This isn't a pink tea-party, but a War to be fought and won;
There's a serious job before us, a job that is huge and hard,
  And the social register don't count until we've got it done!

Twenty years in the army,
  And now I've got my chance.
Have I earned my straps? Well, you watch the chaps
  That I've trained for the game in France!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Whining and Dining - Poem by Mary Van Nattan

Whining and Dining

                        - By Mary Van Nattan

I always so enjoy to dine
With whining, little brats;
Who won't eat half you give them,
they're persnickety as cats.

The soups too hot, the corns too cold,
The pickles make them choke;  
They won't eat meat nor apple sauce,
And naughty they'll drink but coke.

They wont't eat peas, don't like you bread - 
For something in it crunches;
They gag on fat, the gravy's gross,
They won't eat grapes in bunches.

Tomatoes, onions, peppers, fish, 
Garlic nor cottage cheese;
Oh, it's a dish uncommon rare 
That truly seems to please.

No red sauce may the ice cream have,
"It's bleeding", they will say;
And gravely hand it to their mum
To take it clean away.

But let us speak of chocolate cake,
It must be frosted o'er;
Then they"ll devour three full slabs,
And calmly ask for more.

Oh, I do so always love to eat
With picky little pests,
Whose parents joy to make them
The most undesirable guests!


Whining - complaining

Persnickety - disapproving giving too much attention to small details which may not be important and in a way would annoy people.
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