Friday, December 15, 2017

How to Grow a Cress Caterpillar

School projects include various activities such as growing plants for science projects or even craft projects which asks for growing plants in recycled pots. Such DIY projects helps children learn and understand in fun way as well as it turns out educational. Involving kids in such projects encourages a child to understand the importance of recycled products and also help them learn growing plants.

Cress plant grows quickly and hence can be part of a DIY project where one has not much time altogether. Not only it grows quickly but can also be used in salad preparations or even sandwiches. Thus using cress plant can pretty much make sure that your project completes in time.

Materials you will need for growing a Cress Caterpillar

Egg shells - 4 or 5
Cardboard egg box cut outs - 4 to 5
Googly eyes
Paint - green, red and black
Cress seeds - 4 to 5 tsp
Cotton wool
Red pipe cleaner or red card paper

Method for growing a Cress Caterpillar


Take four or five eggs shells and clean them. Remove any dirt or stain and wipe out clean. With the help of scissor, trim the top of the shells.


Pain each egg shell green with help of paint and brush. Once the paint dries, put red spots on each shell using red paint and brush.


Select one egg shell which you plan to put in front and stick googly eyes on it. If you do not have googly eyes, make out eyes with help of a card paper and stick on the egg shell. With the help of black paint and brush paint a mouth. Allow to dry.


Paint each egg box cut out with green color and allow them to dry. Once done place each egg shell in each egg box. This cardboard egg box will act as the dishes for the egg shell planters.


Place a wad of cotton in the bottom of each egg shell. Sprinkle 1 tsp of cress seeds on top of this cotton wad. Pour spoonful of water over the wool.


To make the antennae for the face of the caterpillar which has been glued googly eyes, twist the pipe cleaner and stick on both ends of the egg shell. If pipe cleaner is not available, you can cut out a spiral shape on red card paper and stick it on the face of the egg shell.


Place the caterpillar in the desired area and add little water daily. The cress plant takes about one week to grow and then you can just snip it out whenever you wish. Your Cress Caterpillar is ready.

Handy tips

1. Take care that you do not dry out the cotton wool.

2. Do not add too much water

3. Add water with help of a spoon.

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