Friday, December 29, 2017

15 Best New Year's Resolutions List

Another fresh new year is here...

Another year to live!

To banish worry, doubt and fear,

To love and laugh and give!...

.... I have the opportunity

Once more to right some wrongs,

To pray for peace, to plant a tree,

And sing more joyful songs!

                    -  William Arthur Ward

A resolution is one way to improve yourself in someway or be beneficial for someone or even an opportunity to do wrongs right. With the onset of New Year it is very important to give a thought to each and every little decisions that would affect your life. New Year Resolution is also about -

- Fulfilling an unfulfilled promise.

- To complete an incomplete goal

- To remember a forgotten path.

While bidding goodbye to the year that is slipping from our hands, we can welcome the coming year making resolutions that reflect the change - not just around us but within us too! Name it a trend or even a tradition, but New Year Resolutions should be part of your celebration list. New Year Resolution is all about walking an extra mile or taking that extra step towards a Happy New Beginning.

Thus to add a fun quotient to your existing dull life or even to pledge new goals for a better life; here is a New Year's Resolution List that could help you consider some tricky, funny or on a serious note; aspiring goals for a promising year ahead.

15 Best New Year's Resolutions List

1. Lose Weight

This most common new year resolution sounds easy but is way too practically difficult. No wonder this resolution is started with much enthusiasm which dies out in just a couple of days. If you plan to look upon failed resolutions from the past, you may find this one resolution topping the list. A little encouragement from family and friends as well as a little determination can help you achieve this goal.

2. Forgive and Forget

Let bygones be bygones! And this is the resolution you may wish to be part of your list. This resolution may sound preachy but if followed can make your life a bit easy and stress-free. This resolutions helps you in nurturing emotions and fostering relationships. It helps to level down your stress levels and forget all the bad things that could bring sourness in healthy relationships.

3. Get Organized

Oops... It is applicable to most of us! This resolution is more of your mom's hearty wish rather than a resolution. But getting organized or even taking one step towards it would have a great imapct on your everyday routine. By being organized one would actually save lot of time, energy and be stress-free.

4. Learn Something New

This new year, try to learn something new! This could be anything - any skill, a language, a sport or just a new approach. Learn anything new that you always wanted to or wished to learn. Trying something that you failed in past at with a new perspective would also help. This resolution could be worth trying.

5. Remember Important Dates

Make life easy for you and special for people around you by making it a point to remember important dates like birthdays, anniversaries, get-together etc. Keep tab on your brain functions or get yourself organized with Google Calendar which helps you to remember all those important dates.

6. Be Thankful

This should be a resolution  for life! 'Thank you' is such simple words which could make other's life magical in their own way. Yet for many these words are difficult to express. Saying thanks and being nice to someone out of the blue should top your resolution list.

7. Make New Friends

It is possible that you may have loads and loads of friends on social networking sites, but this new year maybe it is time to make some new, real and genuine friends. Consider this as a task that would make you much merrier. And instead of going for a pretentious virtual makeover for you online avatar, maybe you would enjoy a dressy evening with bunch of real friends with whom you can share some great time and real feelings.

8. Spending More Time With Family

Spending time is an absolute luxury which not all of are fortunate of. With busy work schedules, we have very little time to spend with our family and loved ones. Nowadays family time is more often treated as an occasional get together. But that should not be it! Spending time with family should be one of our top most priorities and we should try to enjoy it as part of an everyday routine.

9. Read More

Rote-learning has become a major stigma to education. It does not offer real insight in learning as compared to reading. Reading provides us with insight and understanding into various important subjects. Hence instead of mugging up those lessons, it is time to read more and get a thorough perception of a subject. Also with reading you get wiser, knowledgeable and informative. If you are out of practice with reading, it is better to start slow and steady.

10. More of Yoga and Meditation

Adding a daily dosage of yoga and meditation in your daily schedule is the best way to relax your mind. Add yoga and meditation in your resolution list and enjoy the benefits. Yoga energizes your body and meditation plays its part of refreshing your mind. A combination of both yoga and meditation in your New Year resolution list would allow you to live your life in 'peace' rather than 'pieces'!

11. Contributing For a Cause

Taking up an issue or playing a major role towards a cause could help you play the part of a wonderful human. Starting this year, try and contribute towards any cause you feel closer to and feel better about yourself. One can always be charitable and make a difference without contributing financially. Just taking up social causes such as helping the society or nature in your own special way.

Learn more about How to make a difference by contributing to a cause

12. Appreciating Others

Appreciating other's efforts may sound to be an easy task, yet it could be daunting to others. It gets quite sticky when it comes to praising someone for their efforts. This emotion of appreciating others can be difficult for human beings as it clashes with their egos. But if a person takes a little time to express a heart-felt appreciation towards someone it would really boost that person's passion and purpose towards the efforts. So this new year, get going with the effort to recognize and enjoy a person's value and goodness.

13. Work Towards Punctuality

Punctuality is one of the entrant of the resolution list which is added and then forgotten. Punctuality is one such task we all unable to keep up with. Though being punctual could actually help us to achieve more, yet it is something we fight hard at. So this year make it a resolution to work towards making a right entry and be punctual for our own benefit and success.

14. Care to Share

Sharing with others brings such happiness to one's life. The ability to share is more like giving a gift to not just others but to oneself. If you can share something with people and make them smile then why not! One of the best things that one can share with others is happiness and empathy. Even sharing some time with people who need it the most helps.

15. Quitting a Bad Habit

Every one of us has some bad habit or other. It could be anything from smoking, drinking, stealing, nail-biting, shopping etc. We know a habit is bad when it starts to bother or affect us negatively. And we also realize that it is high time we quit it but we can't. This new year let us take that one step forward towards quitting whatever bad habit we have. Lets work towards trying to do it less and less and thus bringing it to an end. Let us make a resolution which makes us proud when we finish it and tick off out of our list. 

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