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Terrarium Containers - 15 Top Terrarium Containers Ideas

A terrarium can be created in varied containers which offer a beautiful display. All one requires is some imagination and look around oneself. If you plan to make your own terrarium then be creative with things around you. With little creativity you may be able to use containers right out of your kitchen or living area. And who knows the idea of creating a terrarium may just turn out to be an recycled DIY project which you would be proud of! Some terrarium containers that can be ideal for planting include containers made from glass, ceramic, plastic, wood or even metal.

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Wine Glass Terrarium

15 Top Terrarium Containers Ideas

1. A wine glass 

Wine glasses of any size and shape can be ideal for making a terrarium. These are ideal for planting small succulents with little amount of gravel and sand.

2. Fish bowl

Clear glass fish bowls which are usually round or oblong in shape and no more in use can be a perfect choice for a terrarium.

3. Glass vase 

Big and deep clear glass flower vase can be used up to make a single plant terrarium.

Fish Bowl Terrarium

4. Fish tank 

 Fish tank is an ideal choice for making a large terrarium. It allows you to plant more than one plants in different size and shapes to create a big indoor terrarium garden. One also gets great opportunity with decorating options for such terrarium.

5. Glass container 

Any glass container  or a clear glass salad bowl which catches your imagination for a terrarium can be a perfect choice for an small open terrarium.

6. Glass jars with lids 

 Glass jars with lids are perfect option for a closed terrarium. These glass jars can be of any size and shape. One that are no more in use in the kitchen storage such as the big pickle jars, can work as an excellent option. Use of plants such as moss or ferns and some decoration will make these plain glass jars into something beautiful.

Bell Jar Terrarium

7. Bell jars 

Clear glass Bell jars can work excellent cover for a indoor, closed terrarium.

8. Hanging glass planters 

Hanging glass planters can be a perfect idea for a terrarium which uses hanging plants such as the swedish ivy plant or even an air plant.

9. Deep glass dish 

 A deep glass dish which is no more in use can be used as a terrarium container for planting small succulents.

10. Birdhouse 

Birdhouse can be an excellent choice for making you own terrarium. Various tall or hanging plants can be planted along the openings or the birdhouse.

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11. Birdcage 

 A birdcage which is no more in use can work as an option for a terrarium. Many hanging varieties could be planted along the rims and edges along with flowreing moss in the center of the cage.

12. Mud pots 

Small mud pots can be used as an excellent decorative planter within a large terrarium.

Birdcage Terrarium

13. Tea cups 

 Tea cups, either glass or ceramics can be used for planting succulents to make an small and open terrarium with little decoration.

14. Tea pot 

A clear glass tea-pot could be used as a terrarium container. It is indeed all about imagination and creativity!

15. Ceramic dish 

 A deep ceramic dish or a bowl or even a ceramic deep tray could be used as a terrarium container.

Birdcage Terrarium

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