Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Whining and Dining - Poem by Mary Van Nattan

Whining and Dining

                        - By Mary Van Nattan

I always so enjoy to dine
With whining, little brats;
Who won't eat half you give them,
they're persnickety as cats.

The soups too hot, the corns too cold,
The pickles make them choke;  
They won't eat meat nor apple sauce,
And naughty they'll drink but coke.

They wont't eat peas, don't like you bread - 
For something in it crunches;
They gag on fat, the gravy's gross,
They won't eat grapes in bunches.

Tomatoes, onions, peppers, fish, 
Garlic nor cottage cheese;
Oh, it's a dish uncommon rare 
That truly seems to please.

No red sauce may the ice cream have,
"It's bleeding", they will say;
And gravely hand it to their mum
To take it clean away.

But let us speak of chocolate cake,
It must be frosted o'er;
Then they"ll devour three full slabs,
And calmly ask for more.

Oh, I do so always love to eat
With picky little pests,
Whose parents joy to make them
The most undesirable guests!


Whining - complaining

Persnickety - disapproving giving too much attention to small details which may not be important and in a way would annoy people.

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