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Terrarium Garden - Plants for Terrarium

Often considered as an ornamental item, terrarium is more of an small indoor garden enclosed within a glass jar. This enclosed garden can either be found sealed or even open to the atmosphere. However closed terrarium are considered to be more adequate as they allow the plants that are planted inside the terrarium, right amount of exposure to the heat and moisture trapped inside the glass container. However the open terrarium can also work well if proper care is taken. The presence of a even a small terrarium can add beauty and elegance to your house. This beautiful miniature garden can be created by anyone just by following simple steps. Other than that one also needs to know some important basics such as which plant to be potted and how watering is to be done for gaining success at creating a terrarium. The plants that you choose to grow in a terrarium need to be carefully selected. Once you get all steps right, terrarium can be made at home successfully.

Plants for Terrarium

It is important to know which plants are ideally best to be planted inside a terrarium.   A closed terrarium is ideal for planting plant varieties which can grow within the closed, sheltered and dry environment. Plants such as various varieties of ferns and mosses are ideal for a closed terrarium. Various plants such as  golden clubmoss, aluminium plant, Baby Tear's plant, Black Mondo grass, artillery fern, etc can work well within the closed environment. However plants like Black mondo grass are perfect for large-size terrarium built up.

For an open terrarium succulents are the ideal choice. Succulents can survive in dry and humid conditions. They are known to retain water and hence they are an ideal choice for an open terrarium. Succulents can also survive in high light environments. The chances of soil drying out in open terrariums are high and planting a succulent ensures water retaining. Thus one more advantage of planting succulents within a terrarium is that you usually do not have to water often. Watering once a week can work well.

Silver White Rosette Succulent

Some varieties of succulents for terrariums

1. Silver white Rossette

2. Rhipsalis species such as Mistletoe Cactus

3. Gasteria green succulents.

4. The Sansevieria succulent varieties such as the Snake plant.

5. Cryptanthus succulent varieties also known as the Earth Star.

6. Hatiora salicornioides such as the Drunkard's Bones, Dancing Bones, Spice Cactus.

Starfish Cactus

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Few Terrarium Plants Varieties

Starfish Plant  

The starfish cactus or starfish flower plant is almost ideal as the leaves of plants change colour according to the light exposure. The maturity of this plant is slow and doesn't grow much. The maximum height of this plant is not more than 6 inches.

Friendship Plant 

This plant is known to survive in warm temperatures and are beautifully textured. This plant can grow up to 12 inches tall and bores small flowers. It is a perfect choice for a terrarium.

Watermelon Peperomia 

The watermelon peperomia plant is ideal as a terrarium because it is bushy, small and looks beautiful with it's round leaves adorned with silver and dark green stripes. This particular plant requires very little care and can survive in warm conditions.

Related image
Watermelon Peperomia

Silver Nerve Plant 

 The silver nerve plant have distinctive leaves with white and silver stripes or pink and green stripes. This plant can survive in warm environments and doesn't need daily watering.

Aquamarine Plant 

This plant have small, round and delicate leaves. They are best option for large terrariums where you could plant them to provide a carpeting or bushy look. This plant is an excellent choice for indoor plants and does not require much maintenance.

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Aquamarine Plant
Golden Clubmoss 

The Golden Clubmoss can work as an excellent arrangement for a terrarium. It can survive in low light and evenly moist environments. The leaves of this plant are soft, small and velvety. They add a pop-out colour in a terrarium where more than one plants are planted.

Air Plant 

These plants survive on maximum amount of nutrients they get from air and hence do not need to be planted in soil. They work as a perfect stand-out single plant for a hanging terrarium. Many of these varieties bore flowers and pale colored leaves.

Image result for airplant
Air Plant perfect for Hanging Terrarium

Being a wildflower plant, the spiderwort looks stunning with its perennial wildflowers that come in various color shades such as pink, blue, violet etc. It is an ideal choice for a terrarium as the plant can be used well in a large terrarium for bordering as well as throwing different colors for a pop-out look.

Button Fern 

Button fern plant look beautiful with their small button like leaves and hence are an ideal choice for a terrarium. They can grow well with more or less very little care. The presence of evenly moist soil, warm air and indirect light is all that is required to grow this plant.

Swedish Ivy Plant

 The Swedish ivy plant is an indoor plant which requires very less care on our part to grow. Little light and water allows the plant to grow well. This plant has small, round and glossy leaves. Mostly this plant is preferred as a hanging plant. The swedish ivy plant is bushy, dense and gives a carpeting feel. And hence this plant is ideal for planting in a terrarium.

Image result for spiderwort

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