Sunday, September 19, 2021

Fifteen Best Ways for Women to Boost their Self Esteem

We all fight some or the other battles in our life, nobody is spared. These battles take a big chunk out of our confidence and make us doubt and wonder if we are going wrong. Women are the main victims to this. The main problem with us, women is, we are known to take the blame and allow others to treat us the way they wish. This has to be stopped and we shouldn't keep doing this any longer. Here are a few way we can stop self doubting and boost our self-esteem to rise and shine :) 

Fifteen Best Ways for Women to Boost their Self Esteem

1. The key is to stop self-doubting and keep fighting. When you self-doubt yourself, remember - nobody is perfect. 

2. Another key is to believe in yourself and to take action, no matter what the result be.

3. Being nice to yourself works a long way.

4. Give importance to yourself and to your decisions. 

5. Go for a walk. Walks have always proved to do wonders and change mood. 

6. Focus on what you can do to change rather than what you did wrong. 

7. Celebrate small victories, even if they aren’t long lasting or if they don’t matter much to others. They should matter to you.

8. Move on, don’t keep watering the dead plant. Go, plant a new tree… a new hope.

9. Get into some hobby or cultivate your interests. It could be anything, as long as it entertains you, relaxes you and makes you happy, that’s all matters. 

10. Don’t stress out thinking of something that is absurd or may happen. Who knows what happens next, so why worry and spend that precious moment!

11. Laugh when you do silly mistakes. Anybody could do mistakes but laughing on them and acknowledging them is done only by few. Many prefer blaming others for their mistake. 

12. Breathe and give it a moment.

13. Exercising is a best way to beat the stress out. 

14. Accept and love yourself the way you are. Nobody can be you, remember that and be proud of it.

15. Invest in yourself. If you feel that there is any shortcoming within you, or you need to improve in any areas, then go for it. Try and enroll for some course that can help you do better. 

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