Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Expansion of Idea - Failures Are The Stepping Stones To Success

To achieve success one has to face failure. Success is achievable only when we walk upon the path of failure. Each and everyone has to go through this stage where they have to face failures. Each of us wants to be successful, but not all of us get success in the first try. But does that mean that it is the end of the  world? Does that mean we should give up on our dream and go back to the life we do not wish to live? Definitely we should not give up. 'No' should not be the answer for such circumstances.

Failure teaches us how to achieve success. Those who can face failure with a smiling face can only achieve success. Because they have the courage to face challenges and use failures as stepping stone to attain success. Determination of a person play main role in an individual's life. If you have determination and believe in yourself then nothing is impossible. One should not be demotivated by the failure that he faces. We are not good enough in everything we do and we do have our own faults. Embracing faults and trying to overcome it requires great courage and strength. Reaching the goals after overcoming the obstacles is the biggest victory in itself. The equilibrium of failure and success is what makes our life wonderful. So one should never give up, but make it a point to fight the failures in order to achieve success. Because as it is rightly said, failures are the stepping stones to success. 


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