Friday, March 16, 2018

Expansion of Idea - Knowledge is Power

One can gain power through knowledge. Knowledge of something allows one to become powerful. It could be anything you are good at. A particular talent defines a person's skills in that area. Any specialization could help one overcome boundaries and attain success. Enough knowledge of something or anything can make a person dominate over others in his area of expertise.

A person who has acquired skills in any domain is self-sufficient enough to conduct his duties and affairs efficiently. Same could be said about a painter who knows how to get his work done, or a student who is well-read and is respected by his fellow students and teachers; or even a farmer who has knowledge of his farm and the climate. Such skilled personnel can maneuver their tasks seamlessly without any help from others. That is the case of an individual who acquires knowledge about something or anything he feels is important for him.

An avid reader gains knowledge through his reading and has his own speculations about the things happening around him. A person with knowledge does not believe in superstitions or beliefs which are presented to him but are not supported with real facts. Hence on the basis of his knowledge he could eradicate superstition from people's mind and create awareness among them. Such people with great knowledge have the power to become great leaders. Power of knowledge could make this leader respectable by his followers. They would look up to him for ideas and suggestions. But the same could not be said about a leader who himself lacks knowledge and is not well-read. And hence one can say that 'Knowledge is Power'.


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