Tuesday, March 27, 2018

What are UV Rays

UV Rays or Ultraviolet rays are invisible rays which are part of the solar energy. UV rays help our body to make Vitamin D and hence we are suppose to walk in morning sun. Vitamin D is essential for the strengthening of our bones and teeth. It helps us to build strong immunity against body disorders like Rickets or even colon cancer. UV rays are also used to slow down the growth of skin cells and treat diseases like psoriasis.

Commercial uses of UV rays include disinfection and sterilization. Few animals perceive in ultraviolet and can see things. Animals such as birds, bees and even some fishes can see in ultraviolet. For example by perceiving ultraviolet, bees can collect pollen from flowers. Human eyes can however detect wavelengths only in visual spectrum.

How Harmful is UV Rays?

 UV rays are useful for the ecosystem.  But too much UV rays can be a threat to our existence. UV light is a type of a electromagnetic radiation which is responsible for sun tans and sun burns. The ultraviolet rays have the potential to burn eyes, skin as well as hair if these human parts are not properly protected. Too much exposure to sun affects our skin. Too much UV rays can damage the skin cells and also cause cancer. And hence one should always use a sunscreen when opting to be out in hot sun. Also wearing a hat helps.

The ozone layer in the upper part(Stratosphere) of the atmosphere absorbs UV radiation and thus prevents most of the harmful rays to reach the earth's surface. And hence ozone layer is very important. The depletion of ozone layer is a great matter of concern. 

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