Sunday, March 11, 2018

Expansion of Idea - Playing Safe Gets One Nowhere

Most of us believe in the policy of playing safe. As kids we felt safe holding our parent's hand while walking or crossing the road. Safety keeps us at peace. The thought of getting into trouble does not go well with most of us. As kids too we were taught to play safe. Our instinct tells us to ensure our safety first then think of everything else. As we grow as adults, we take this teaching very seriously. We rather prefer playing safe then taking risks as we fear of failure.

But consider what would have happened if none of us had the courage of taking risks. If the stone-age man had not taken risk and continued to live in the provided circumstances, what would have happened to our development as a human being. If he had not shown the courage to try out new things and learn new techniques, we may have ended up dwelling in the caves even today. Similarly consider the risks scientists take for the development of mankind, or astronauts take to learn more about the space and life around us. They do know that every step towards the unknown involves risk and threat to one's life but unless they go for it, how would they achieve success and gain new parameters in life.

All the progress that we see today, is a result of someone somewhere taking on certain challenges and risks for the betterment of the society. Agreed that, playing safe would keep you away from dangers and certain risks in life. Yet playing safe would also make your life dull and stagnate your growth. And hence one has to agree that 'playing safe would get one nowhere'.

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