Thursday, March 22, 2018

Why Vultures are Not Affected By Eating Rotten Carcasses

If humans were made to consume rotten food, we would definitely fall sick. Even if our food loses some of it's freshness, we could get digestion problems. Most of us suffer problems of food poisoning by eating stale foods, or foods left open for a long time. Not just humans but many animal fall prey to food poisoning. On the other hand, vultures are seen striving on decaying meat and rotten carcasses. And this is what we wonder - how can vultures eat rotten carcasses and still remain unaffected?

First of all, as we know a vulture is a scavenger and eats dead and rotten meat. They contribute tremendously to maintain the balance in the ecosystem by playing this role. It is said that they have this super ability of smelling a rotten carcass from far distances. And they can survive feeding on dead meat. The stomach acid of the vulture is significantly stronger and corrosive - to an extent that it can burn away almost anything. Even the harmful bacteria and other dangerous microbes present inside the rotting meat could be easily destroyed by the stronger stomach of a vulture. Hence even if a vulture feeds on a rotting carcasses which has been badly infected with these dangerous bacteria, the stomach acid would make it a point to kill the bacteria and make the meat safe enough for the vultures to survive on. 

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