Thursday, March 8, 2018

Essay - Should all School Subjects be Compulsory or Should You Have a Choice

No more school days are an enjoyable time the way it was a while ago! Earlier school days bought smile on the student's face. But it does not happen any more. Nowadays the activities that the kids spend time doing in school are not at all enjoyable or interesting. How can a student enjoy time in school, when he is made to spend time with dull and boring subjects.

Student  should get a choice about what activity he wishes to do. If a student enjoys subjects like math then he should be allowed to enjoy his math sessions. On the other hand he should not be forced to involve in activities such as painting or languages. There are children who enjoy music more than subjects like mathematics. They avoid homework for such subjects and always score less marks. Hence the whole compulsion of studying subjects which one is not interested in is beyond my understanding.

We are all aware that a person would always do better in things he loves doing. There are many in this world who choose their passion as their profession and enjoy every minute working on what they love to do. Like great writers or poets or even painters who enjoy what they do. But consider people who do not get such choice and end up choosing a profession which they know they do not belong to. Such wrong career choices can lead a person to a disappointing life.

And hence every student should be given a choice to study what he enjoys the most. For example, if a student is interested in pursuing writing, then school should make a provision to hone up his writing and language skills and guide him to get better. If a student is interested in painting or drawing then such classes should be arranged for his benefits.

Should this not be the benefit of living in a democratic country, where each and every individual gets to enjoy his or her freedom. Thus schools should make an attempt in considering this matter and giving every student a choice of choosing subjects as per his taste and not force him to study subjects he is not interested in. 

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