Friday, March 30, 2018

Expansion of Idea - Say No To Plastic

The usage of plastic has been one of the major cause of concern. Recently government came up with severe resolutions towards ban of plastic bags. It is high time that government take such step towards the use of plastic. We use plastic bags because their use is convenient for us. We can go empty handed for shopping and come loaded with plastic bags. We rarely think how our action can harm the environment. Plastic doesn't cost much, in fact at times they are even free. We have been using plastic for such a long time that we hardly ever realized that by doing so we have been abusing the planet.

Our carelessness has costed the planet. The planet suffers for our deeds which can have severe repercussions on our existence. Most we could do to save our Mother Earth is stop polluting it. And plastic is one such major pollutant. Use of plastic is harmful to nature. Though plastic can be advantageous to us, they also are a disadvantage to our existence. One disadvantage of plastic is that it is non-biodegradable. This means that plastic cannot be decomposed and hence the discarded plastic will keep piling up on the earth's surface. This is a major cause of concern for the environment upkeep. Many animals swallow plastic bags and suffer severe health threats. Plastic bags often get stuck in the sewage openings and cause problems. Plastic bags indirectly contribute to problems during floods. The quality of soil is also deteriorated due to plastic bags.

Government has definitely taken major steps towards ban of plastic bags. But that is not enough! Every individual needs to take firm step towards ban of plastic bags. Everyone has to contribute their bit to ban it. This can only be done when each one of us, stop using plastic bags for shopping or stop accepting plastic bags from vendors. One can carry their own bags made from cloth or jute. Our environment would become a better place to live only if we say no to plastic.


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