Friday, March 23, 2018

Life is Once Lived and Led Poem

A few days ago I stumbled upon this poem.  I have not learnt who had wrote this poem.  But it is such a beautiful poetry that I couldn't keep it away from its audience. Though it doesn't rhyme much,  yet the poem feels beautiful when read.  I do not know the title of this poem,  as it hadn't any.  Simply named it by it's fourth line. The poem just calls out to you.  With its simple lines describing about growing up and living life. The last paragraph of the poem is quite motivational and inspires us to be positive in whatever situation you face in life, as good luck and hope always buzzes around.  So never give up.

Life is Once Lived and Led

    - By Anonymous

A long colorful story,

With happiness and frown buried,

All it can be said,

“Life is once lived and led.”

May friends and family can’t ever forget,

For the one who lives,

The tale goes rapidly.

Childhood the best time ever,

Spent most of it with love and care

Then comes the teenage, 

The time to fly out of the cage.

It ends up with many experiences,

Right time to take responsibilities,

Time to settle and 

Make up for the old age.

Ups and down are its outline,

Which brings amazement,

For be it failure or success,

Luck and hope always buzz around.

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