Monday, March 26, 2018

Expansion of Ideas - Power of One's Imagination

A person's imagination can extend up to great lengths. The power of imagination can be unlimited. God has gifted us the divine power to imagine our wishes, our fantasies and our desires. A dream can be considered as a figment of our own imagination. A dream may consist of our desires or sometimes coincidentally our future.

Basically a person who imagines a world of his own, in their own mind is called a dreamer. A dreamer may consider his imagination as his hobby and may utilize it in his life. For example, let us take the example of the famous author, J. K. Rowling. She can be considered as a 'Professional Dreamer', because it is really difficult to imagine an entire 'Wizardry World'   and then place certain characters and beautiful features in it. J. K. Rowling successfully managed to convert her imagination into a series of book which was an adventure in itself. The world in our imagination is entirely different from reality. The people residing in our imaginary world may look different or may behave different. This is because there are no rules or boundaries in one's imagination.

The philosophical aspect of our imagination is that it totally helps us to identify our wants or the way we wish our world to transform. It is possible for the imaginary world to be total contrast to the laws of nature. Because our imagination doe not obey laws of physics or biology. It obeys the laws of our mind and it's methodology. As a result, people should truly be motivated to imagine and gain a clear understanding of the way our mind works.

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