Saturday, March 17, 2018

Expansion of Idea - Dreamers Create A World Of Their Own

The world one dreams of is far better than the real world we live in. Our dreams allow us to create a world of our own where exists happiness, excitement and success. This little world of our own imagination which we dream, keep us content and allows us to stay away from our real problems. Dreams allow us to live in a world of hope and possibilities which inspire us to go on. What would we do without our dreams!

Dream plays a pivotal role in our life. We enjoy dreaming. This different world where our dreams take us, allow us to escape the harsh realities. Though dreams don't last long yet this small escapade from our real world do work out as a stress-buster. Dreams are the reason some people have managed to think out of the box. Dreams define you. Most of the inventions and discoveries we witness today are results of such dreams. A writer plots his story in his dreams and turns it out in his best fiction ever which may be relative from person to person.

One who dreams, remains happy in his own world where there are thrills and thoughts of happiness. Dreams are something you can look forward to when you are about to sleep. Yes! we do have to wake up after that and get back to the real world. But that is the whole point. Dreams allow dreamers to go on and fight to make it happen. Once you get back to the real world, try and work towards making the dream world real. And thus one can say that, 'Dreamers create a world of their own'. 


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