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Importance of Summer Camp for Kids

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What is Summer Camp

Summer camp is an ideal platform for learning basic skills and enjoying summer holidays for kids. It is an important requirement for every kid to learn new opportunities and to embark on new adventure. A summer camp is a perfect tool for a child to get past the boredom and make summer more entertaining and interesting. Summer camp exposes a child to an adventure which can be fun and educational. Though I didn't turn out that lucky enough to enjoy this one time experience of my life, I made sure my kid had it all. Way back then summer camp weren't an established and verified concept! But today thanks to this boom of communication and media, we get to know loads of things happening around us.

Why Summer Camps are important 

Summer Camp is a big explosion of entertainment, education and fun. Children are known to undergo a massive  positive change after attending these summer camps. This change in children is in context to their confidence, behavior, learning capabilities, fear and knowledge. One can say that summer camp is like a stepping stone for kids to be more passionate, demonstrative and assertive. Additionally a child learns the most important lessons in life and that is self dependence and self confidence.Every child needs to embark on this journey at least once in his childhood days.

Benefits of being part of summer camp for kids

Boosting a Child's Self - Confidence

A child who is always dependent on their parents for most of his daily chores, starts doing it on his own at summer camps. Though he may not be kind of perfect carrying these chores alone yet he tries something he hasn't done before which builds assertiveness and boost self confidence in a child. Not only this evolves his personality but also blossoms his character.

Learning to Adapt

Our kids get too comfortable around home and sometimes it gets difficult to make them adjust to different surroundings. They have such comfort level built up which makes it difficult to accommodate to new surroundings with parents around. A little out of their comfort zone and a child can throw tantrums. But this can definitely change as it's here summer camp comes handy. Here a child comes out of his comfort level and readily adapts to new surroundings and rules. Summer camp organizers fix their own set of rules which are to be followed by kids.

Making New Friends

One of the most enjoyable benefit for a child who visits a summer camp is to make new friends. Kids get to meet new people, new friends and this broadens their horizon.

Learning to Share

Due to nuclear families nowadays with one kid per family, sharing is a concept least known to kids. Every child wants to have it all! With stay in a summer camp, where not just a kid has to share his accommodation, but also often his personal belongings. Like sharing toothpaste, even first aid, snacks or even clothes. A child also learns to share his experiences, stories and adventures with other kids. This may open up a child to new knowledge and broaden his horizon.

Learning to Socialize

Summer camps may help a child to come out of his introvert nature and be more communicative. Summer camp is usually aimed to plan and organize such activities which can help a child to participate and be expressive. Teaming up with kids of same ideas and perspective helps a child to express and open-up. This can be positive development for kids, especially those who speak less and keep it to themselves.

Developing a new Hobby and Passion

Various activities are held out in summer camps. These activities may include adventure sport training, sports, drawing, dancing, singing, nature trails, bird watching, treasure hunts, writing, story telling etc. This could be a place where a child may come across one such activity that enthralls him to such an extent that he may just take it as a hobby. It could be anything such as a passion for photography, a liking to treks,  an interest in writing or bird watching. Few kids also take up to certain sports which they never played or enjoyed before. You never know!

Thus parents should understand what a summer camp can do to their kid's potential. A few days away from you amidst nature may just work positively for your kid as it would brush his talents and do some good for his overall growing up process.
So let your child embark on a journey which can be fun, adventurous and a great learning process. Enroll your child in a summer camp which agrees with him and helps him to boost his potential.

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