Monday, May 29, 2017

Importance of Obedience in Children

One of the most important keystone of our society is obedience. Obedience is essential for a child's individual as well as social life. Without obedience, there would be void and what would exist is turbulence, disorderliness and rebellion. Obedience is essential for the betterment of human society. It is not only necessary for an individual's private as well as social life but comes handy in all dimensions of life.

Obedience in Children

A child must obey his parents. A student must obey his teacher. A disobedient child shows signs of being spoilt. On the contrary child who obeys may actually shine bright in his future. In the similar manner, obeying teachers portray respect for them. A student exhibits good behavior as well as manners.

To Obey or not to Obey

Obedience is fundamental essentials of life. But it can be damaging when it causes physical or mental distress. One needs to understand the perfect balance between obedience and submission. One should obey only if he believes in it, not because he is expected to. An obedient child should also know when, where and whom to obey. For this a child should understand what is right and what is wrong. When a child is unable to make such a difference then he is submissive to bullying. Blind obedience is bad. When disobedience makes you feel oppressive then it's time you question yourself - are you doing the right thing? Blindly following rules which one is forced to follow is not being obedient. Letting autocrats and dictators bully you is not obedience.

Role of Parent and Teacher in Teaching a Child being Obedient

It is the duty of a parent or the teacher to explain the child the importance of obedience and the right way to do so. A child should be taught to understand the difference between what is right and what is wrong, whom to obey and whom to disobey. Obedience in the correct sense may take a child to great heights, help to excel in studies and indeed lead him to a brilliant future ahead!

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