Tuesday, May 23, 2017

How to Make Paper Lantern - Easy Steps

School projects in India always include DIY projects for kids about making articles such as diyas, lanterns etc; especially during Diwali. Making paper lantern is a quick and easy craft ideas for kids. Here's an easy method of making paper lantern using materials easily available at your local stationery shop. The steps for making this paper lantern are so easy that kids can do it themselves. Let's learn step by step method to make paper lantern at home.

Materials required for making paper lantern 

Ice-cream sticks - 32
Butter paper - 2 sheets

Method for making paper lantern


Take two butter papers. Apply glue on one vertical end of each butter paper and stick the edges to make one long sheer of paper.


With the help of a ruler and pencil, draw four squares on the glued butter paper. I have measured 12 cm X 12 cm. If you want to make big lantern, draw bigger squares.


Now With the help of scissor cut this long rectangle that contains 4 squares side by side. My rectangle measured 48 cm in length and 12 cm in breadth.


Now try to fold these squares at end. It would look like a cube. Now join the two ends of this rectangular butter paper.


In case you make a bigger square, you may require two ice cream sticks or one and half ice cream sticks. With the help of glue, stick ice-cream sticks on edges of each square. Cut few ice-cream sticks in small shapes like drops and paste it in the center of each square paper to make a unique design.


Stick two ice-cream sticks on top of the lantern for suspension. If you have made this lantern using bigger squares then you should use a lace or decorative thread on top of the lantern for suspension.

Your decorative paper lantern is ready. 

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