Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Safety Tips for Children in the Kitchen

Most kids enjoy experimenting in the kitchen. It could just be anything right from simple nimbu paani to making an omelette. Be it a girl or boy! cooking can be enjoyed by both of them. Cooking can be really fun in kitchen for our young chefs provided they follow certain rules.

Top Ten Kitchen Safety Rules for Children

1. First most important thing is adult supervision. Never attempt cooking in kitchen without your's parent's presence. Let them handle the chores which can be dangerous such as cutting, chopping, steaming, frying etc...at least until you master them.

2. Second important thing is hygiene. Make sure that before cooking or handling food, you wash your hands very, very clean.

3. While prepping in kitchen it is possible that your hands get dirty or sticky, in such case wash hands again before continuing. Keep a kitchen wipe or cotton napkin handy.

4. Before trying to experiment with your recipe, make sure that the utensils you use are clean as well. We don't want germs in our food, do we?

5. Before you begin your cooking quest, try reading and getting well versed with the recipe you plan to make carefully and repeatedly. Make sure you have all the ingredients and utensils ready and handy.

6. Once you have finished using the ingredients, put them back in place. Your mom should get her kitchen clean and tidy, the way she keeps it!

7. If your recipe involves handling hot dishes, it would be a good idea to let your parents help.

8. Use of ovens and microwaves can cook food easily and deliciously. But if you won't be careful, then there chances of getting scalded. So it's necessary that you ask your parents to guide you.

9. If you are really interested in cooking and experimenting in kitchen, start with easy recipes. Learn from your parents the use of various utensils and gadgets. Learn how to handle them.

10. Before becoming a skilled chef, try and help your mom in prepping. Constant practice makes one perfect. 

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