Wednesday, May 17, 2017

What is 83-42 Greenland

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Imagine this place which is identified by numbers and no, it's not a pincode! 83-42 Greenland is the northernmost point on Earth. It is a piece of land which was first spotted by Dennis Schmitt in 1998. Thereafter it was named a Schmitt Island. This place is located 432 miles from North Pole and measures about 35m X 15m. 

83-42 Greenland is 4 meters high in Greenland and is made of piles of rocks and mud. Yet this is a permanent piece of land where life in the form of Lichens exist. Lichens are a type of algae that grow on rocks and usually found in various colours. Earlier it was considered that Kaffeklubben Island was the northernmost point on Earth, but now 83-42 Greenland is the world's Northernmost point.

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