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Juggling between parenting and work is not easy. Parenting is a learning process. In the process of helping our children grow, we actually learn to grow as parents. We constantly keep evolving. When we learn that we are about to bring a bundle of joy in our lives, we start worrying about the upcoming journey. It isn't easy for us and it wasn't easy and predictable for any parents round the globe. But they learnt and we will too.

I being a mom to a patient and cutest 15 year old(trust me when I say he is patient as he's learn to handle me perfectly well), have learnt much over the years about parenting(more about staying calm) and am still into learning. Learning never stops 😉But whatever we learn we should be ready to share. And that's what I plan to do here. With this blog, I wish to be there as a friend to all those who wish to learn about parenting.

The drawings posted in this blog are sketches created during fun-time with my nephew.  I couldn't think of anything else getting pictured other than these 😊 Then there are pictures from google used as references.

So a warm, warm welcome to all of you who visit my blog. Leave your comments and feel at home. Feel free to share your ideas!

Let me know if you wish to share your views or posts.

I would certainly enjoy hearing from you :)

Lots of Love,

Sangeeta Chaubal

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