Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Tales of Tenali Raman - Tenali Raman's Unmatched Wit

King Krishnadevaraya was brave and skilled in the art of war. He was a great soldier too. He conquered the neighboring weak and cruel kingdoms and added vast areas to the Vijaynagar Kingdom. 

Once he had to fight a decisive war with his enemy but he was worried as his enemy was very strong. Before the war, he wanted to be sure of his victory. So he called his royal astrologer to ask him for an auspicious time to march into the war which could lead him to a victory. 

The astrologer was a very wise scholar. He consulted his charts and calculated the positions of the stars and planets in conjunction with the king’s star sign. He made a favorable conclusion and told the king, “Your Majesty, you can start marching with your troops on the coming Sunday. I see that some stars favor you and some don’t. You will have to worship god in a particular way to appease him and only then the victory will be yours.”

However, the king could not follow his astrologer’s advice because his enemy had a huge army which already marched towards him. King knew he couldn’t afford disregarding his astrologer’s advice as he wanted to win the war. 

The king looked at his ministers but none said anything to him. He then looked at his favorite minister, Tenali but even he was quiet. Tenali Raman was blessed with Kalika Goddess and was very intelligent. Tenali could see the king’s predicament and he also shared the king’s worries. 

Tenali said to the king, “Your Majesty, let’s go to the battlefield.” The king accepted the challenge as he had a great respect for Tenali. When they reached the battlefield, Tenali saw that the rival army had already assembled. He made a keen observation of his and rival army’s strength and weaknesses. 

Tenali Raman said to the king, “Your majesty, I have analyzed both the army’s strength and weaknesses. I can now predict a victory for you.” The king was happy with this victorious outcome of the war but he was still uncertain about it because of what the astrologer had said. So he asked Tenali to explain the ideas and conclusions in detail. 

Tenali was very observant and he had judged the armies in a scientific way. He said to the king, “We can see a large number of elephants, less number of horses and a large number of soldiers in the enemy camp. On the other side, we have a few elephants but a powerful cavalry with specially trained Persian horses. We also have large number of young and energetic soldiers.”

He further added, “Our weapons are modern but enemy comes with old and traditional weapons. Their soldiers are old and don’t seem to have any of the enthusiasm. Our soldiers look confident and are highly experienced. You are also a great warrior and you have fought many wars and won them. Hence you have a great advantage over the enemy and more chances of winning.”

The king got a little thoughtful after hearing this. Tenali Raman said, “You don’t need to worry at all, your Majesty. All you have to do is forget that you consulted any astrologer. Leaver your worries aside and think like a great warrior. Decide your own military strategies. Strike the enemy’s elephants and create a havoc in the enemy camp. While the enemy would be in confused, you move in your cavalry and defeat them.”

The king did not show any reaction. Now Tenali spoke aggressively, “Your majesty, if the astrologer had predicted your defeat, then would you have surrendered your empire to the enemy without a fight?” The king replied authoritatively, “No, never! That is impossible! I would have still fought till my last breath.”

Tenali Raman said, “So, why don’t you forget what the astrologer foretold? Do not depend on your stars and planet for victory. I would suggest that you start your war at the right moment when your enemy is at the weakest point. To depend on astrology is a sign of weakness. The predictions of the astrologers differ from man to man. What matters the most is faith in God and faith in yourself. Man can achieve the impossible with the right efforts. All people including me will pray for you. You will definitely win.”

Then the king said with confidence, “Yes, I will win the war.” At that moment, the king realized that Tenali Raman was such an extraordinary person. The king won that war and many other wars too. 

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