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Importance of Reading

Reading is one of the most important part of effective study skills. Effective study skills not only help us to achieve the goal of passing with flying colours but they also make our academic journey rather enriching, enlightening and pleasurable. And hence to improve our efficient study skills one should be adept in reading. One of the very important maxim says, 'Read and grow'. You find your intellectual as well as mental growth through reading. Reading cannot be just considered as a mode of learning but it is also one step that you take towards self enrichment.

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Importance of Reading

Reading aloud and reading silently both have their own importance. Where reading aloud helps a child to improve his learning skills and beat the problem of understanding words; silent reading could help improve a child's reading speed and enjoy a book in more sitting and relaxed manner. Reading not only helps us understand the subject matter with much more clarity but it also enhances our knowledge. Reading improves our vocabulary building and pronunciation. The habit of reading helps develop self confidence in one and boosts our self esteem. An exposure to good literature helps a child to improve his intellectual development. Continuous reading helps a child to revise his studies and thus memorize textual content.

Points to Remember while Reading

To improve your reading skills you need to pay attention to certain points. Such few points for enhancing your reading skills are given below.

1. Reading works as a part of a vocal exercise which helps improve our voice modulation. And hence while reading, one should pay attention and work on the pronunciations, pace and grammar.

2. Read so as to develop your speaking voice by making the words sound in it's natural content such as whisper, dramatic speech or mysterious conversation. Never forget to consider the punctuation while reading.

3. If you have a session of group reading, practice and rehearse several times for better preparation.

4. It is necessary to read with proper understanding of words and scenes. Always keep a dictionary handy. Refer a dictionary or other reference materials, if you have a problem with what you are reading.

5. Always pay attention and concentrate on the subject matter. Never lose focus from the passage that you are reading.

6. While reading if you come across any pictures, diagrams, maps or charts, take a proper look at them. Never skip them while reading. These pictures or maps help us to understand the topic clearly.

7. Keep a notepad ready while reading. Whenever possible, highlight or underline certain keywords which you feel important and make notes. If you do not understand or have confusion with any word or sentence in a particular passage, note it down and check with your teachers for better understanding.

Do's and Don't of Reading

Reading is necessary factor for efficient study skills and hence it needs to be done properly. There are certain do's and don't that need to be followed while reading. Few are listed below to help you gain success in reading skills.

Do's of Reading

1. Reading should be carried in a place which is less noisy. Any corner of the house which ensures silence and peace is the perfect place for reading.

2. Sitting posture is very important while reading. One should sit comfortably for best reading experience.

3. Reading should be a matter of choice and hence read only when you wish to.

4. Keep notepad, pen and dictionary available with you when you sit to read. Note making is one of the most important part of reading.

5. Reading should be practiced daily without fail. Allot certain amount of time in your daily schedule for reading practice. Follow your reading schedule obediently.

6. Difficult subjects should be read only when you are in a good mood or in positive state of mind. Such subjects need complete attention and presence for good understanding.

7. Always keep a track of what you are reading to continue efficiently.

8. Allot some time at least twice a week to revise or re-read the study material you already read. Also make it a point to go through the highlighted or underlined content at regular intervals.

9. A splash of cold water helps relieve stress and fatigue. Hence it is advisable to splash cold water on your eyes for refreshing yourself.

10. Rest your eyes for a while if you have been reading for a long time. Just close your eyes and remain so for a couple of minutes before continuing.

Don'ts of Reading

1. Do not read in dim light.

2. Do not hold your book too close to your eyes.

3. Do not carry on with reading if others are forcing you to do so and it is not what you want.

4. Do not read if you are feeling tired and have a headache.

5. Do not read just to forget about it.

6. Do not make reading schedules which you cannot follow sincerely.

7. Do not read a book while watching television.

8. Do not read content which are not appropriate for your age.

9. Do not continue reading a passage if you are not able to understand or follow.

10. Do not lose focus from the passage while reading. 

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