Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Paper Cutting and Pasting Craft Ideas for Kids - Leaping Frog

Simple paper cutting and pasting ideas always interest kids. Such activities are also part of school projects and usually turn out to be much creative. Cut and Paste craft worksheets are readily available at all leading stationery stores. But it is fun for a child to draw and cut out a craft and then paste it himself on a drawing book and make it part of a whole picture. Such simple cut and paste activities ensure kids to be free from boredom and engages them in creativity.

Making a leaping frog out of paper cutting and pasting activity is one such simple draw, cut and paste activities which kids may enjoy doing. The material required are just few, readily available ones and time required is just a few minutes. It is easy and fun making this leaping frog out of scratch and then pasting it to a drawing paper. Once completed, kids can use the picture as part of a photo frame or could use it as a gift to someone.

Materials Required for Paper Cutting and Pasting of Leaping Frog

Green Card Paper - 1 sheet
White Card Paper - 1 square sheet
White card paper - 2 small round cutout for eyes
Child friendly scissors - 1
Pencil - 1
Black marker - 1
Sketch pens / felt pens - green, blue, brown and any other of your choice
Adhesive or glue

Method for Paper Cutting and Pasting of Leaping Frog


Draw a circle on a green card paper and cut out with the help of child friendly scissors.


Once done, with the help of pencil roughly draw out the shape shown below.


Darken the shape with a black marker, and continue to join the shape as shown below with the help of dotted lines.


Now start cutting the shape from both the sides until you reach the dotted lines. Once done, fold this line so that the body of the frog turns upwards and the hind legs of the frog come out from the backwards. You can also cut the whole portion if you like and stick the hind legs behind the back of the frog. Also stick the eyes on the top of the head.


Cut two front legs of the frog on the green card paper and stick them to the back of the body of the frog with the help of adhesives.


With the help of sketch pens or felt pens of your choice, add some features on the frog, like spots or zigzag lines. Kids can also make use of stickers or glitter if they wish to use to add decorative features to the leaping frog.


Now stick the frog in middle of  the white card paper. Do not apply glue to the whole body of the frog, just apply it in the center of it's back and stick it. This gives a 3-D effect. Now draw water, plants, stone or any other drawing of your choice to finish the landscape. Your leaping frog is ready. 

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