Thursday, January 4, 2018

What is Lobelia Deckenii

A succulent, Lobelia Deckenii is a species of giant lobelia that grow on the mountains of East Africa. The plant can usually be found in a moorland or moist areas. This plant produces a series or multiple rosettes almost ranging from a single rosette to 18 - 20 rosettes. If this plant grow in a form of a single rosette than it dies immediately after flowering. But when it grows into multiple rosette the plant has a great lifespan. One can find the this plant of Lobelia Deckenii on the semi-alpine moorland zone of Mount Kilimanjaro. This giant lobella plant grows up to 3 meters high. The plant id known to hold and store large amount of water within it's rosettes. The plant also gets it's nickname 'gin and tonic' lobella for the crescent-shaped ice cubes which it forms within the rosettes when the temperature of the inner meristem drops below the freezing point.

Scientific Classification of Lobelia Deckenii

Local name: Giant Lobelia

Scientific Name: Lobelia Deckenii

Kingdom: Plantae

Family: Campanulaceae

Sub - Family: Lobelioideae

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