Thursday, July 26, 2018

Expansion of Idea - For Some The Journey is Quicker, For Some The Journey is Slow

Very often life is compared to a journey. When people set on a journey, some are quick enough to reach their destination while some meander on slow. Similarly in life people walk in their own pace. For some achieving destination is the only goal they planned and hence they set their mind on it. But some walk the way their life takes them, without having any idea what they wish to be. For such the journey could often be slow and dreadful.

Our pace of life also depends on our abilities, skills, goals and our determination. If you are determined, you can make your dream come true. But without determination life can stagnate for some. Life provides us with vast opportunities and experiences. It is upon us to make most of it and enrich our lives by living it to the fullest. Or else our journey of life would be slow and meaningless.

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