Saturday, August 25, 2018

Expansion of Idea - Living Life

Life is said to be worth living. Though it never turns out the way you want it. Unexpected things do happens, which aren't wished for. Every day is a new challenge, a new journey. It is not something that has an editing facility. If there had been such a facility, imagine how wonderful life would have been.

We would have edited every difficult and untoward situation and lived happily. But few people don't find happiness in their entire life. It seems to unbalanced. Seeking happiness is like winning a lottery. This happens to one in million.

Consider memories, when you think of past, along with all the good, funny and happy moments, you also remember all sad, horrifying and bitter moments. Wish life had a delete button, and then maybe we could delete all the unwanted, scary and non – happening memories permanently.

Life is a sad phase, where no one can expect the next thing going to happen in their life. What if we really had choices, like choice to live, to make amends? Though we have few choices; that can make us live peacefully or disturb our existence. Choices like forgiving someone, blaming someone, hating someone, forgiving someone etc.

Do we make a good use of such choices? Indeed no, we end up making a wrong choice at the wrong time and end up in dirt. Repentance makes us feel vulnerable to an extent that we start hating ourselves.

But then aren't mankind known to live out in odds and overcome such situations. Aren't we capable enough to make a better use of our life and handle things? Aren't we known for our power in terms of raising our voice, speaking out our mind, fighting back, building our own empire and striving hard to make our survival worth living? It's never too late and we can always make it happen what is wanted by us from our life.

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