Thursday, January 17, 2019

The Man And The Bear Story - Inspirational Story

This is such a wonderful story! Hear it out..

So once a man went for hunting in a jungle. Since he couldn't find anything to hunt, the man was bit disappointed. Being tired and thirsty, he visited the small pond in the jungle to quench his thirst. He set aside the bow and arrow he was carrying and started drinking water from the pond. Suddenly a tiger appeared in front of him from the nearby bushes which scared the man. Frightened the man started running. Seeing that the tiger was following him, the man thought of climbing the nearby tree.

As he was about to climb, he saw a bear already sitting on one of the big branches of the tree. The following tiger and the bear above terrorized the man throughout. He just didn't know what to do next! That is when the bear said to him, "Do not be frighten, climb the tree. I won't hurt you. I am sitting here protecting myself from the tiger too" Trusting the bear, the man climbed the tree and sat on one of the thick branch waiting for the tiger to go away.

But the tiger wouldn't leave. He sat below the tree waiting for one of them to come down. Tired and weary the man went to sleep. Seeing the man sleeping, the tiger said to the bear, "This man doesn't mean anything to you, so why don't you push him down. I am hungry and let me eat him. I will not harm you at all."

But the bear didn't budge. The bear waited for the man to wake up and as soon as he did, it tried to catch some sleep. As soon as the bear slept, the tiger said to the man, "This bear means nothing to you, so why do you care? Just push it down and I will satiate my hunger and no harm will come to you." Without giving it a second thought, the man pushed the bear down. Fortunately the bear held on to one of the branches of the tree with its firm grip and saved itself.

The bear didn't fall, but did realize the true nature of this ungrateful human being in front of it, who could never be trusted. The bear said to the man, "I didn't betray you, but you did with the first chance you got. One can always trust an animal but one could never trust a human!"

Moral - Human being is known for his betrayal. Being unfaithful is one of his or her major traits.  But here's a wonderful quote that goes,

"A good man or woman will
be honest no matter how
painful the truth is.

A coward hides behind the lies 
and deceit." 

Making the bear's words come true is in one's own hand. You can either be faithful and not give in or just stab behind someone's back - the decision is yours and yours only! A good person know how to face difficulties and hence his difficulties don't last long. On the contrary the person who brings difficulties to others never stays happy.

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