Monday, December 2, 2019

Expansion of Idea - Making The Best Of life

We have got into the habit of complaining and grumbling about our problems and difficulties. Instead of facing our problems and finding solution for it, what we do is whine over our troubles. By doing so we can never achieve any solution to the problem we face or never get any success out of our life.

Life is mean at times. But the best that we can do about it is face it with all our might and try to make the best of it. When we try to find solutions instead of crying and whining, we realize that life is not that bad at all. And in all that meanness which life throws at us, we can find those moments of joy and happiness which can make life worth living and enjoying. It is all about the attitude with which we approach life. As they say -

"However mean your life is,

meet it and live it;

do not shun it and

call it hard names."

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