Thursday, March 25, 2021

O Beautiful Butterfly Poem

O Beautiful Butterfly!

- Poem by me

O Beautiful Butterfly,

How did you die?

Did someone clip your wings?

Did someone asked you not to fly?

I am sure you wanted to soar high.

I am sure you wanted to fly.

But I am not sure what went wrong,

I wonder how you died?

Did some bird peck you,

Unaware of the harm it could cause to you?

Did some passerby step on you,

Unknown to your existence?

I am sure they meant no harm,

But it won't bring you back.

Back to life that you wished to live,

Back to soar high.

I know you wanted to live.

I know you wished to survive.

But I will always remember you,

As I saw you die, o beautiful butterfly!

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