Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Essay - The Change in Gender Role

In this evolving world, not only women but men too must prepare themselves for the change. Today's scenario one witnesses a lot of change and confidence building in women. Women are meeting challenging roles successfully, but one can't say the same about the men. It has been a matter of two generations especially in the urban scenario, where women changed their gender based role. It could be the result of perfect parenting where women were raised to be confident and made aware to stand for their rights. But has this parenting been biased when it came to boys? Has it been made clear to them about the change that was imbibed in women and how it was going to effect in the future run?

 When the daughters of the house were taught to shape into this new role, no one bothered to notify the men that their sisters were changing and evolving. No more the women in the house needed the so-called protection and dependency. Where women were taught to grow beyond their roles in kitchen and work in male dominated areas, men were never taught to cook and house-keep. Why is cooking and housekeeping considered solely to be a women's job? If women can work and walk hand in hand with men today by earning equals, men don't seem to approve the idea where they could cook and clean when their wives or mothers were out working.

Theoretically men accepted the role of their wives or mothers or sisters as working women; but they were completely unprepared for the role of a homemaker. Men were never taught to honor and accept living with women who earned more. Men were never taught that it was okay to stay home and manage the house and kids while their wives continued to work. A women is so good with multi-tasking. She can successfully handles a field job, prepare reports, manage house, manage kids, prepare lunches, come home and cook dinner. But men seem to lack this potential.

 When a woman gets a promotion or a career boost which may take her away from the city or which may mean less family indulgence, it gets quite clear that she has to select her family first and turn down such opportunities. But have the men been taught to do the same? No. And hence men need to be made aware that they too need to come out of their shelves and evolve. When we speak of empowering women, we must also help men to prepare for the change in gender role so to set their expectations right.

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