Saturday, February 16, 2019

The Bird With Two Heads Story

The Bird With Two Heads Story

Long time ago, there lived a strange bird on a tree just near the banks of a lake. The bird was strange from the rest of the other birds because it had two heads.

Once when the bird was flying around searching for fruit, the first head saw a beautiful red colored fruit.  The bird plucked the food with the same head and started eating it. But the second head was curious and bit jealous.

So the second head of the bird grumbled,"Looks like a delicious food! Share some with me." But the first head that was enjoying the fruit replied,"You or me! What difference does it make? Whoever eats the fruit would go in the same stomach. So why share? Let me share half the fruit with our wife." This reply made the second head sad. From that day onward the second head kept to itself and didn't talk much.

One day the bird with two heads again wandered around in search of food. The second head saw some fruits and got delighted. But the fruits came from a poisonous tree. When the first head realized this, it immediately warned the other head to not eat the fruit.

But this time the second head wasn't going to miss the chance of mocking the first head by finishing the fruit himself. And so the other head finished the entire fruit. But as the fruit was poisonous, the bird with the two heads suffered and eventually died.

Moral of the story  - It is better to live in agreement or to suffer severely like the bird did.

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