Saturday, February 24, 2018

Expansion of Idea - Perseverance Is The Key To Success

Rome was not built in a day! It took several years of hardship and labour to get the great work of building the city of Rome done. A farmer toils hard in this farm, right from early morning to night for reaping a great harvest. Ants go in search of food from morning till the end of the day to store food that could be useful for future.

Nothing can be accomplished without hard work and perseverance. Be it study, sport or music, to achieve success you must work hard. The hard work that you need to put in, needs to be put consistently. Practice makes man perfect and in turn shapes your destiny. Hence, in order to gain success and achieve good results, you have to persevere for long hours in a continuity. Expecting to achieve success in short time without any input of hard work is impossible. If it was that easy, then nobody would have gone through so much pain. All it takes is continuous efforts and practice on one's part to gain success.


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