Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Mount Wycheproof in Australia - The Smallest Mountain in the World

Located in the Wycheproof town in Victoria, Australia; Mount Wycheproof is the smallest mountain in the world. Formed around thousand years ago, Mount Wycheproof is a granite outcrop and surfaces as a rocky, conical peak. Sustaining about 43 meters above the landscapic topography, this mountain is known for its elegant and distinctive pinkish colored geological substance - Wycheproofite!! The Mount Wycheproof is located in a flat grassland area. This hill plays a major role within the local community. Annual races are held within hill top. Apart from that,  there are several walking trails throughout the hill. The wildlife of Mount Wycheproof comprises of animals including kangaroos and emus. 

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