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How To Prepare Well For Exams In Less Time

It is that time of the year when the only thing on children's mind is exams! Be it board exams or the annual exams; anxiety level arises not just in kids but parents too. One thing a child at this stage wishes is to do well and give his best shot. If you have been studying regularly throughout the year then there is nothing much to worry about. What is left for you is revisions and paper practice. But if you are one of those who study only when the exams are approaching then there is lot much to do and very less time. It is now that you make a plan and carry it out. Here are some tips on how you can do well in less time by making a plan and sticking to it throughout.

How To Prepare Well For Exams In Less Time

Choose Your Study Time

Choose one time of the day when you think you will be more comfortable studying. Select a time which suits you well - be it early morning, late night or even in the afternoon. The whole point of choosing this time is that you can be comfortable, attentive towards study and have fruitful results.

Review Your Lessons

It is important to review lessons that you study. What you can do while you are studying is whenever you come across any important point - jot it down or highlight it. If you come across important formulas for Math it is ideal to make charts for the same and stick them on the walls of your room. This way whenever you wish you go through them or memorize them by regularly viewing them.

Solve Question Papers

For students who appear for board exams the best way to achieve success is to solve many past question papers as possible. Solving question papers also helps you to identify questions which poses difficulty for you. Once you identify these questions, start a detailed study of them and practice. Also try and finish each papers in the assigned time.

Develop a Time Table

It would be ideal to develop a timetable that helps you to track down your study routine and monitor your progress. A well planned timetable helps you to pay equal attention to each and every subject. Try to include at least 3 to 4 subjects everyday plus some time for revision. With a well planned time table one gets to focus on each subjects at regular intervals.

Learn To Relax in Between

The concentration span of a human being is 45 minutes at a time. So one is allowed to take a break for 5 - 10 minutes after every 45 minutes. So when you make a timetable and consider studying 3 to 4 subjects in a single session, it would be advisable to spare 45 minutes for each subject and then take a break for few minutes to just freshen you up. You could relax your eyes or try some meditation or even splash water on your eyes for an instant lift in those breaks and rejuvenate yourself.

Eating Right

One needs good nutrition to set the balance right on energy, good thinking, clarity and good health. The food that you eat shapes your mind and body. Right breakfast improves better concentration and memory. For those who plan to study late in night or early in the morning, it is important to enjoy a power packed breakfast with portions of fresh fruit juices.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Before exam times or even during exams, it is important to get adequate rest. A child should get 7 - 8 hours of sleep. Sleeping relaxes you and takes away your anxiety. To start afresh, a child needs to have at least six hours of sleep. This sleeping time consolidates the brain of the child and the stored memory is refreshed. So plan a routine that does proper justice not just to your studying time but also your sleeping time. This prevents you from burning out. Not getting enough sleep may limit a child's ability to focus on problems and also lead them to aggressive behavior.

Enjoy Some Leisure Time

In between study routines enjoy enough leisure time which can help relax and rejuvenate you. Anything that you enjoy which does not involve studying can be opted for. For instance you could enjoy some music by listening to your favorite songs or even playing your favorite instrument. You could enjoy a session of swimming or go for a run or even a walk in the garden. This can take away your stress and refresh your mind.

Useful Tip to Study For Exams in One Night

If you are one of those kids who do not believe in studying throughout the year but right before the exam night, then you are in big trouble! So for kids like you the only thing to avoid any anxiety is not to go through the whole study material and revise all answers in one day. Because it is just not possible for an average student to revise the entire portion in a day. So my advice is to read the first primary source of content which are the textbooks made available to you. Read the textbook well and try to jot down important points. By doing this you can at least get most of the objectives right and secure satisfactory marks.

Ten Things You Should Do on Night Before Exams

1. Eat a light meal to prevent any lethargy the next morning. Try and eat homemade food.

2. Do not study throughout the night before the exam.

3. Get organized for the big day tomorrow. Keep everything that you need to carry with you handy.

4. Plan what would you wear the next day. Keep the clothes ready for the exam day on the previous night to avoid any anxiety.

5. Ensure you get enough sleep before exam day.

6. Set an alarm. Do not try to rush things in the morning. Allow the morning chores to be effortless by setting an alarm.

7. Before getting up practice meditation technique to keep anxiety at bay.

8. Eat a light breakfast. Avoid fried foods and coffee. Watch some television or listen to some music while enjoying breakfast.

9. Leave early for your exam center and reach before time. This would help you to settle your nerves and relax a bit before writing your paper.

10. Keep a positive mindset by assuring yourself that your performance is going to be better. 

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