Story-telling has been one of the best things happened to us. Who doesn't enjoy a good story? Remember those days when our parents especially our grand parents use to tell us those lovely, adventurous stories. In India, many stories that were told during our childhood included the tales from Panchtantra, Jataka Tales, stories from Ramayana, Mahabharata and so much more. Our ancient history is so rich with full of tales and adventure, that every small tale becomes a beautiful story. And children love to hear these stories. During my childhood, my mom used to tell us so many stories of Tenali Raman and wisdom, then there were moral stories and stories of Lord Krishna and Bhagvadgita. She still does the same for my son, who waits for the opportunity of meeting his grandma during holidays to just embark on the adventure of story-telling. I definitely wish to share few of these stories with everyone out there. So enjoy!

Tales of Tenali Raman

Jataka Tales

Other Stories and Fables

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