Monday, May 28, 2018

Story of The Super Hero Earth - The Long Awaited Sandman

Couple of years back, as a part of my freelancing project, I wrote this story of Super Hero Earth - The Long Awaited Sandman for a site. This story was enjoyed by kids very much. I am planning to share the story and the site link here. This was my first attempt to write a story on my own for children. Enjoy the story!

Super Hero Earth - The Long Awaited Sandman

With the strong winds and current, the sand came alive. High and high it rose and assembled in a form of a large monstrous super human. It baked under the sun until it was hard like the Earth.

On Pongo Beach, he wandered endlessly, hard as a rock, looking for an answer to who he was. Confused and unknown of his own identity, he walked through the warm sands, in the glazing sun.

A bit confused on what he was, he sat on the sand! Fishermen ran helter-skelter as they were scared of such a monstrous sight. Being on these islands for ages, these fishermen had never seen such a monster on the beach. They wondered where it came from, "Was it because of the storm?" Some cried, "God help us!"

No one dared to walk on the beach. The super human wondered what was wrong, whether he was really harmful and scary. "No," he said to himself. But how could he convince them that he was just like them and that he wanted to help? He didn't have any answers.

But suddenly, he heard cheers and claps from a distance. He saw a small group of kids rushing towards him. "Aren't they scared of me?" He asked himself. But the kids continued to make their way to the Earthly creature. They came toward him and swarmed him. They all screamed in excitement and laughed with joy. "Our own sandman!" "He's made out rocks!" "No, he's made out of dirt." "He's a super hero!" "Our own super hero is here!" "He could stay with us."

The super hero was overjoyed. Now he knew who he was and why he was here. He's was here for these lovely children who accepted him as one of their own. He was their hero. He knew he was there just for them, to protect them from harm. He decided to exist for these kids, no matter what is to unfold in the future!

Read the original story written by me here

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