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20 Eco-friendly Tips to Help Save the Earth

In simple ways and methods we too can lend our hand towards saving our Planet Earth from destruction. Each one of us can come up with some contributions towards helping save our beautiful planet. This can be done with easy and smaller ways. But these easy and simple ways will definitely have a big impact towards saving our environment. Here are some ways you can help and protect planet earth.

20 Eco-friendly Tips to Help Save the Earth

1. Fix the Leaking Tap

Wasting water is one of the critical problems that need to be taken care of. We know that there is not much drinking water left on our planet. Many houses ignore the problem of leaking taps which is one of the major causes of water wastage. So first and foremost that you can do is get a plumber and fix the leaking taps in your house.

2. Use Energy Efficient Light Fixtures

Energy efficient light bulbs have several advantage over traditional light fixtures. They use 30 to 50% less energy. They last 10 times longer than the traditional light bulbs. The energy efficient light-bulbs save your money in a big way. So replace those traditional light-bulbs with energy-efficient light bulbs and save energy which in turn helps saving the earth.

3. Turn Off your Computer at Night

Many have the habit of keeping their computer on even when not in use, especially during nights. Turning computer off during nights can help you cut down a lot on electricity bills.  Unless you want your computer to perform any overnight task, it is advisable to turn it off during night. It helps in energy conservation and thus to save Mother Earth. This also helps your computer to perform better.

4. Use a Pressure Cooker

Using a pressure cooker is the best way to save time and energy. With pressure cooker the cooking time reduces which also ensures less use of energy. When we cook our food in a pressure cooker, the escape of steam is lesser than a regular cooking pan. Pressure cooker uses up to 70% less energy than other cooking appliances. It thus reduces fuel bills and carbon emissions. One more advantage about cooking food in the pressure cooker is the food cooks quicker and tastier.

5. Stop Wasting Food

Some of us are fortunate to get good food and some are not. But those who have a lot of food at their disposal waste most of it. Wasting food not only reduces the amount of food available on the planet but also contributes to the wastage of the natural resources. It also effects the energy conservation. In a way food wastage impacts the Planet Earth in a big way.

6. Buy Energy Efficient Appliances

Before buying or replacing electrical appliances such as dishwasher, washing machine, microwave ovens, air-conditioners etc for your house, try and learn more about these appliances. Check whether these electrical appliances are energy-efficient and are made in sustainable ways. Such energy-efficient electrical appliances would not only protect the environment but also reduce your energy use and in turn lower your electricity bills.

7. Stop Using Plastic Bags

One of the most important way to save our planet is to completely stop the use of plastic bags. Plastic serves a serious threat to the environment. Disposing plastic poses a risk for animals and birds as well. Hence it is important that we stop using plastic bags right-away. Even if a shopkeeper gives us a plastic bag to carry our shopping items, we should be able to say no. Carry your own cloth bags or jute bags for shopping.

8. Reduce Use of Paper

Gradually we have come to a point where we realize that this planet of ours is turning into a big dumping ground. In an effort to clean our house, we dump almost everything on this big, giant dumping ground without giving it a second's thought. And that includes paper too. Hence to make a difference and save our planet, try to reduce use of paper as much as you can. This can be done by reducing use of book-prints, making use of digital prints, implementing cost-saving paper reduction program and recycling paper.

9. Donate Old Books

Instead of throwing away books, donate them to libraries or anyone who may find them useful. This especially can be done with study books. Poor students who cannot afford study books can make use of such books and would definitely be thankful. If you have unused pages that can be reused, try to bind them and make diaries or recycled notebooks out of it.

10. Grow Your Own Food

You do not need to be a farmer or have a farm to grow your own food. But you can try to grow some food items like vegetables, herbs, fruits within your kitchen window, terrace or balcony for your regular use. This can be done on a smaller scale and on organic terms. This way you know what you eat is good enough for your consumption and safer for your health. Some food items that can be grown include chilies, herbs, tomatoes, brinjal, coriander, curry leaves and so much more.

11. Shorten Showers

One way to save water is by shortening the time you stand below a shower. Shower bath can be relaxing but they do waste a lot of water. So try to shorten your shower timings or better - take a bucket bath.

12. Recycle and Reuse

This is the best way one can help Planet Earth. What we can do is reuse and make use of most of the things that we think we do not want anymore. Such as plastic cups which can be used as plant pots or pen holders. Recycling helps reduce the amount of waste that we dump on the earth. This can be done by redecorating and recycling a used product to turn it into entirely new product. Such activity can be fun and help us make the environment cleaner and much better place to live.

13. Borrow, Don't Buy

This may not be something that many prefer, but it is an ideal way of saving our planet. We can borrow books from our friends to read instead of buying a whole new one which may be responsible to cut down a tree to create. We can borrow study books from senior kids for our younger kids. We can borrow dresses which our elders outgrow into. Even if you don't wish to wear them, you could borrow and donate it to those underprivileged kids who can make the most of it. Few borrowed items which your family or friends do not want anymore can be recycled to make something new. This way we can make use of the most of it and help our planet earth.

14. Turn Off The Switches

Whenever not in use, make sure you turn of all the unnecessary switches. Many of us have a habit keeping lights and fans on, even when they leave the room. Switches to ovens, television, chargers, computers, speakers are left on even when they are not in use. We should pay attention to such details by checking out and turning them off if unused. This way you play a major role in energy conservation.

15. Start a Compost Pile

Composting is very planet friendly and can benefit your gardens a lot. If you reside in a building, introduce the idea of a compost bin where all the household kitchen waste and garden waste can be composted to make a organic fertilizer. This can be used to enrich your compound gardens as well as individual plant pots. Vegetable scrapings, used water, rotten food, dried leaves, grass etc can be added to this compost bin on a regular basis to create rich and eco-friendly fertilizer.

16. Use a Clothesline

Instead of using a clothes dryer, one can use a clothesline to save our planet. Use of clothesline not only helps save energy but reduces energy bills and saves money. With enough humidity, clothes that are hang on clothesline dry in no time.

17. Plant Trees

One of the most important and easy way one can help the planet from degradation is by planting trees. We know how important trees are to the planet to stay healthy. It is not just about the health of the planet but our health too which is at risk. The only way both can be taken care of is by growing and maintaining lots and lots of trees.

18. Shop Wisely

Shopping plays an important role in our efforts towards saving our planet. What we shop and how we shop has a huge impact on our contributions towards saving our planet. Buying less plastic and carrying reusable shopping bags works in a positive manner. One has to put a lot of thought before buying certain items to make sure you are not cheating yourself as well as your planet. Reduce use of plastic-wares and disposable items. Instead opt for recyclable and reusable items. Do not buy things if you are not going to use them immediately.

19. Volunteer to Cleanup Drives

Do your bit to save your planet and be proud of it. Volunteer in cleanup drives and help clean the areas around you. This will not only make your planet clean but would make you feel proud of yourself. Sign up with society cleaning drives or NGOs for a weekend task and spend some time cleaning your surroundings.

20. Educate Others

If you as an individual alone can make a difference by doing your bit, imagine what would be the result if many follow your path. This can happen only when you don't keep your knowledge to yourself and educate others. Start by talking to people in your society or office and make them realize the importance of these steps they can carry too for saving the planet earth. Make them realize the importance of energy conservation, recycling, reusing and inspire them to do their bit. Initiate a cleaning drive or a tree plantation drive within your neighborhood. These efforts of yours will never go wasted and would benefit all of us in the near future. 

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