Thursday, May 10, 2018

Expansion of Idea - Speech is the Gift of All, But Thought of Few

Human beings are very fortunate compared to other animals. One of the best things that happened to us is the speech. Speech is a gift which allows us to express our feelings, convey ideas, speak and communicate with others. The freedom of speech has allowed us to express and debate about our opinions on things. Talking has thus come naturally to us. Few use it in a good and wise way while for few it is just about talking without thinking.

Though all of us have the skill of reasoning, very few actually make use of it. Being rational is not everyone's cup of it. Thinking before speaking is actually foreign to few people. And all this results to what can be expected from such people - bunch of words spoken out without giving any thought to it. Decisions are made without worrying about the consequences of it. The thoughtless words are said and then paid heavily later.

But not everyone sail in the same boat. Some people actually think before saying. These people take their thoughts into consideration and make rational assessment of it. They worry about the consequences and speak wisely. The outcome of speech for such people are always worthwhile. This is because they are never reckless. Hence man should use the power of thinking before making a speech. Think more and speak less should be the motto of one's life. Because whatever you speak is the result of one's thinking. 


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