Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Ten Easy Riddles for Kids Part I

Kids love riddles. They enjoy thinking about the answer and challenging friends with riddles. Such silly yet head scratching questions are always enjoyable and can be a great way to spend quality time with kids.  Here are ten riddles that are easy and fun.

Ten Easy Riddles for Kids

Q. 1  What do policeman apply on their bread?

Ans. Traffic jam

Q.2  Who drinks water and dies?

Ans. Fire

Q.3  Who looks like half chopped apple?

Ans. Other half of apple

Q.4  Two rooms in which we can't enter?

Ans. Mushroom and Broom

Q.5  Which is the brightest day of the week?

Ans. Sunday

Q.6  Who has a head but cannot think?

Ans. Coin

Q.7  Which city shocks you?

Ans. Electricity

Q.8  What can run but has no feet?

Ans. River

Q.9  What has a face and two hands but no legs?

Ans. Clock

Q.10  What has thumb and four fingers but is not a living thing?

Ans. A glove

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