Wednesday, November 8, 2017

How to Build Your Own Hovercraft Toy

Making a hovercraft toy is a DIY fun activity for kids. This simple activity where the children make their own hovercraft using simple materials available easily at home would keep kids busy and entertained during weekends and holidays. The best part about making this hovercraft toy is that you could use it as a toy made from recyclable materials and thus label it as a recyclable craft.

Materials required to build your own Hovercraft Toy

Old CD - 1
Balloon - 1, big size
Pop-top cap - 1 (from used drinking water bottle)

Method for Hovercraft Toy


Take a pop-top cap and with the help of glue, stick it in the center of the used CD right around the hole. Ensure that before sticking, the pop-top cap is closed. Allow it to dry completely.


Stretch the neck of the balloon on the pop-top cap.


Once done, blow the balloon from the other end of the CD. Now open the cap. Place this hovercraft on a smooth surface and watch how it glides away. It is important that the hovercraft toy you made is placed on the smooth surface to allow smooth gliding.

How this Works?

A hovercraft is a vehicle that is known to glide over a smooth surface by hovering on an air-cushion. And hence it is also known as a Air Cushion Vehicle. The air currents trapped beneath the vehicle's surface allow the vehicle to glide smoothly. 

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