Wednesday, November 22, 2017

How to Make a Solar Water Purifier for Science Project

School projects demand various models and devices to be made. This could be for festivals, art or science activity. Making Solar Water Purifier is one such science project kids are asked to make. The following DIY science project of solar water purifier is a simple activity made with materials easily available at home. Kids can easily make it and present it in school as part of a DIY project or even as a activity to understand how solar power works!

Material for making a Solar Water Purifier

Large bowl - 1
Glass cup - 1, shorter than the bowl
Cling wrap / plastic wrap
Cellophane tape
Water - 2 glasses
Salt - 1 tsp
Coin or a pebble

Method for making a Solar Water Purifier


Pour two glasses of water in a large bowl and add salt to it. Allow the salt to dissolve completely by stirring with a spoon.


Place the small glass cup in the center of bowl. Make sure that the glass cup is taller than the water level in the bowl.


Cover the bowl with the cling wrap completely and seal the edges with a cellophane tape. See that the edges are tightly sealed.


Place the coin or the pebble right on the top of the cling wrap exactly over the small cup.


Place this bowl in area of direct sunlight, near a window or on a balcony for several hours.


Once done you will find that water is collected in the glass cup. Open the wrap and taste the water! This process of purification can also be tried with sea water as a part of science project.

How this works?

The solar purifier works with the concept of evaporation and condensation. When the salt water is placed in the sun, it gets evaporated. Thus due to evaporation the water converts into vapors and salt deposits back in the bowl. But these vapors when rise to move out of the bowl, get trapped due to the cling film and condense into water droplets. These water droplets gather towards the weight, i.e. the pebble or the stone and gall and get collected in the glass cup.

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