Friday, November 3, 2017

How to Make an Erupting Volcano

This is a simple activity for kids who are fascinated by the idea of a volcanic eruption. With simple materials such as baking soda, modelling clay and food colors, made available to them, they can easily make this DIY project of erupting volcano at home safely. With this simple experiment provided step by step, kids will learn how to make a model volcano.

Materials Required for making an Erupting Volcano

Paper cup - 1
Tin foil / aluminium foil - Few rectangular sheet
Modeling clay
Cardboard - 1 square sheet
Baking Soda - 3 teaspoons
White vinegar - 1 cup
Dish washing liquid - 1 tsp
Yellow Food color - 1 tsp
Red food color - 1 tsp

Method for making an Erupting Volcano


Place a square cardboard sheet on a horizontal surface. Place a paper cup in the center of the cardboard sheet. Wrap the tin foil or the aluminium foil around the cup and fold the edges of the foil all around the rim of the cup.


Wrap and shape the foil around the cup, as to resemble a shape of a mountain. This could be done by using a couple of foils one over the other and making the shape.


Using the modeling clay, make layers over the tin foil all around the rim of the cup. This would give a perfect  mountain touch to your model.


Start adding each colour one by one in the cup. Once added, mix well with the help of a small spoon.


Add to this the baking soda and then add the dish washing liquid over it.


Once you are ready for the erupting volcano, add cupful of vinegar inside the volcano. Enjoy the volcanic eruption! This model can also be made bigger with larger use of same material.

How does it work?

The vinegar that you add to the cup reacts with the baking soda to produce an effervescence reaction. Effervescence reaction means fizzling and bubbling. This reaction produces Carbon dioxide and water. In addition the dish washing liquid added to the mixture gives viscosity which sort of makes the reaction looking lava like!

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