Monday, November 20, 2017

How to Make a Simple Solar Oven at Home - DIY Science Projects for Kids

Making a solar oven with a pizza box is one of the simplest way of trying your hands on creating a DIY Science project of simple solar oven. It is a fun experiment which can help your kids enjoy summers by making and testing the solar oven out on a hot day! The simple solar oven is made with materials which are easily available at home and the kids can easily make them by following instructions and being careful with sciessors.

Materials for making a Simple Solar Oven

Large Pizza box - 1, if not available than a cardboard box would do!
Big Ruler
Aluminium foil
Chart paper (black color)
Cling wrap / plastic wrap
Transparent Plastic bag

Method for making a Simple Solar Oven


Draw a square on the flap of the pizza box by leaving at least an inch of space from the edges on the sides of the flap.


With the help of the scissor or a cutter cut along the three sides of the square leaving the top side folded along the uncut lines. With help of glue, line the folded flap with an aluminium foil. This aluminium foil would work as a reflector. You could also line the aluminium foil and fold the edges which could then be sealed with cellophane tape.


Place and line the insides of the pizza box with an aluminium foil, leaving no gaps throughout. Once done, cover it with a chart paper.


Place on this a transparent plastic bag on which you could place the plate in which food can be warmed.


Cover the window which was made by cutting the square on the top of the pizza box with two layers of the cling wrap.


Place the simple solar oven in a place which receives direct sunlight. Adjust the reflected such that maximum sunlight would reflect off the foil.


Test you simple solar oven by trying to melt butter or cheese on a bread slice. Once successful try other foods. The process of using this simple solar oven takes a longer time to cook and hence some patience is required on your part! But always remember that this way of cooking is about using a clean source of renewable energy and hence one should be proud of the results!

How this works?

The energy that is radiated from the sun is harvested by the solar oven to cook food. The aluminium foil lined on the flap works as a reflector and reflects the rays of sun directly on the are where food is placed. The black chart paper absorbs the heat and the plastic sheet placed beneath the food plate helps to retain the heat and cook.

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